21 April 2017


WELCOME to the SURPRISE debut of 'Unmasking IMPACT WRESTLING' with highlights, insights and points to ponder and reply to from your trusted guide, NomDePlume.

Note: Spoilers are not known or discussed here, nor should they be brought up in Parts Unknown.


Let us begin with a heaping helping of HIGH PRAISE.

Isn't it amazing how truly "big league" IMPACT WRESTLING looks and feels now with the wizardry of Kevin Sullivan setting the stage?

Someone, buy this man a premium 18 ounce steak cooked to perfection and a couple ice cold beers just for his work on the 4/20 live episode, alone.

Speaking of 4/20, where was Rob Van Dam? I mean, he was supposed to show up according to RealRasslinNewz, right?

Rosemary, sweet Rosemary, who does your hair?

She's looking good, even if her match this week was a bit disjointed, and surely set to get an even bigger singles push as the clear breakout star of The Decay.

And yes, I do dig her her new hair do, how about you?

A big thumbs up and best wishes to the departing Crazy Steve of the unit, too. Great team player.


Chris Silvio, dude, I hope you got hazard pay for taking that ten ton splash from Kongo.

Damn. Big respect for accepting that spot and selling it like a pro.

Kongo Kong, I believe, will connect with a lot of fans in the same way better super heavyweight heels always have historically. None have been especially good workers, not in a technical sense, but big brutes sell tickets when facing fresh faced fan favorites. Kamala is smiling.

Don't label ME!

So, Lashley came right out and said he's a "tweener" in so many words. "I'm not a good guy, and I'm not a bad guy, I'm just ME and there is nobody else like me" to paraphrase the big man... perfect positioning for the baddest ass in the business if you ask me.

By the way, these profile packages on the wrestlers and feuds are just outstanding and add so much depth to the show which has been lacking far too long. Another cold beer for Mr. Sullivan over here, please. JB, no doubt, is putting his best talents to work on these packages too.

There's a STORM a'brewing...

So good to see James Storm getting his proper spot (back). When you give the cowboy the ball, more often than not he scores.

Don't call me LA PARK.

Cool to see La Parka in the audience... Always was a fan, and glad to see he is too... ;)

Seriously, the new alliance with AAA is a huge development and should pay big dividends to both companies. Strength in numbers, especially when battling money bags who horde talent.

WHAT was with that?

Did you also note the fact Lashley was wearing a TNA cap?

I don't think it was by accident.

And, EC3 finally stomps on the "IMPACT WRESTLING' ramp logo he's been glaring at for two months straight and is living in heeldom again... or, is he? Depends where you're sitting, perhaps.

Question- Can you stomach the thought of Dixie Carter returning as an on screen character?

Just asking...!

GFW, we hardly knew ye.

OK, so it's an official merger and title unification matches are seemingly to start in the near offing.

Fine by me, I was expecting it and very pleased to see they had Magnus position the GFW title as a secondary "golden ticket" to earn a shot at the Real World's Heavyweight Championship.

CVE will be an excellent addition to the knockout picture, and it looks like they may wait to unify her belt with the Knockouts. Why rush?

Arena clips with fuzzy video rule, and more random observations.

What's not to love about the BCW arena clip? As an old schooler, I cut my teeth on such as presented by Mr. Solie. Love it. Takes us out of the Impact Zone and to a far away place, just long enough.

McKenzie Mitchell is going places, trust me on this.

Oh, and have you seen the NEW Roster page?

They are listening, friends.


Did you shutter a moment, thinking it was Shera coming out and not SONJAY?

Thank goodness it was Sonjay, here to save the day!

HEY- Great job in the truck.

Really solid work by the production crew. The camera work and direction was very good on the whole this episode - from a company which has botched a lot of things live, and otherwise.

Excellent in so many places, and if you go back and really look for faults they are hard to find.

So, when does the New Announcer start?

Where do you think this story line is going? While not really wanting to see it stretched out, I have to say I really loved the show closing segment. It came across as much like a shoot as can be these days. Really well done. It's compelling TV, but not sure what the payoff will be.


A most excellent rebuilding in two hours flat.

Sonjay took a hell of a stiff shot, and Low Ki was a huge surprise return. With Austin Aries and the like doing time in McMahon's holding pen, Low Ki is as big of a surprise return as one could have realistically expected or hoped for. Very well presented, and the Main Event match itself could only leave one with a bright smile and the thought, "The X-Division is back, BIG TIME!".

This live episode of IMPACT earns a well deserved 8.2/10 on Nom's non-biased sliding scale.

How did YOU like it?

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