27 August 2014

TNA Wednesday Randomania - Aug 27, 2014

- This week, I'd like to begin with the latest on the TV deal.  Let me first remind everyone that the only announcement that came from TNA and SpikeTV is that the two sides have agreed to a deal that would keep Impact on the network through the end of the year.  Everything else is merely speculation and unsubstantiated rumors.  Although TNA fans were happy to hear about the extension, as was I, the reality is that the two sides can't seem to come together on a long term deal, which is troubling to me. TNA and SpikeTV have been partners for almost a decade and have negotiated several deals so what has changed? What is it that's different about these negotiations?  I don't believe for a second that SpikeTV no longer wants pro wrestling nor do I believe that they no longer want to work with TNA.  If this were the case, Viacom and SpikeTV would have simply not renewed Impact and moved on because that's what television networks do...they act in their own best financial interests.  I've read some ridiculous rumors in the last few weeks but one in particular is simply embarrassing: some have reported that SpikeTV is allowing Impact to air on their network until TNA can find another network to sign with.  Let's be real, folks, this is simply an attempt to downplay the fact that SpikeTV extended Impact for another three months.  In the dirtsheets' minds, it couldn't possibly mean that the two sides want to continue to negotiate.  Let's keep in mind, the same sites were reporting just a few weeks ago that SpikeTV will not be renewing Impact when their contract with TNA expires on October 1st, and we now know that it's not true.

26 August 2014

We Need Some Clarity

Now, it's no secret that I have remained one of the optimistic TNA fans out there in the last few years.  Through thick and thin I've tried to remain positive and upbeat about this company.  It's not blind faith but more of a "glass half full" approach that I (and others) have implemented recently and in the past.  Right now seems to be one of the most controversial and direction-changing times in TNA history.  The status of BFG seems cloudy, as far as what the show will look like and what date and venue is involved.  TNA house shows have been put on hiatus for the foreseeable future.  Roster cuts for wrestlers and other respected employees are happening on a weekly basis.  However, the TV situation beyond 2014 is mostly what wrestling fans are talking about when it comes to IMPACT Wrestling.  While the temporary extension from Spike TV has provided some comfort and relief for fans, I constantly read paranoid and outlandish claims on Twitter about TNA going out of business.  Personally, I am confident that TNA is not going out of business anytime soon, unless something drastically changes.  That being said, I really wish that TNA would give the fans some clarity and assurance in regards to its future. 

23 August 2014

Saturday Night Chat - Aug 23, 2014

Welcome to Saturday Night Chat on TNAMecca!  Although we aren't an open forum where members can start their own threads, our sense of community spirit is what sets us apart from other wrestling sites so we thought it'd be fun to give our members the ability to dictate the discussion for one night a week.  Anything goes in Saturday Night Chat but we do ask that all topics remain TNA-related and stay on topic. You can also discuss any rumors from any source regardless of how ludicrous they might sound.  However, the same etiquette rules that apply to our comments section in general also will apply here, including our policy on spoilers.

22 August 2014

Is Bram TNA's New Monster?

You can't help but be impressed with the remarkable fire and intensity in Bram's eyes.  It's undeniable that Bram is one of TNA's best talent pick-ups in a long time.  In my mind, he's just as valuable as EC3 in that respect.  It's rare to find a bright, young talent like Thomas Raymond Latimer (his real name which is even listed on his Twitter account) that is willing to take the physical risks in the ring as he has lately in his hardcore matches with Abyss.  He seemingly is afraid of absolutely nothing.  There are no limits to how crazy he is willing to get while performing.  I admit that I was kind of skeptical of yet another ex-WWE wrestler coming into TNA when he was first signed.  However, as a loyal TNA fan, I was willing to give him a fair chance to prove himself on IMPACT.  He has exceeded my expectations by leaps and bounds.  I am 100% sold on him being a superstar for TNA well into the future.  Let's not forget that he hasn't gotten to this point on his own.  The Monster Abyss has personally put him over more than any other wrestler that I can recall. 

20 August 2014

Post-IMPACT Discussion for Aug 20, 2014

One of my favorite activities after watching Impact is searching for forums in which fans can talk about the show and share with one another their thoughts.  However, it's getting increasingly harder to find venues where TNA fans can safely express their opinions on Impact without having to deal with the trolling of the anti-TNA crowd or the smarks who insist on taking the fun out of pro wrestling.

For this reason, we felt it was important to make TNAMecca available to our readers and any TNA fans who would like to discuss the show after watching it.  You can now visit TNAMecca immediately following Impact to do exactly that in the comments section below each and every week.  So please feel free to share with us your thoughts on tonight's Hardcore Justice from the Manhattan Center in New York City.  What did you think of the show?  What did you like or dislike?  Let us know.

Impact to Remain on Spike Through 2014!

TNA just announced on their website that Impact will be staying on Spike until the end of 2014. In the short press release, Dixie Carter said the following concerning the announcement "IMPACT WRESTLING will remain a vital part of Spike TV's programming on Wednesday nights, 9/8c, through the end of the year. Negotiations remain ongoing beyond this time frame". This is relieving news for TNA fans, for weeks on end we have heard nothing other than "negotiations are ongoing" from TNA regarding the situation, so to now have the knowledge that Impact will remain on Spike until the end of the year while negotiations continue is one thing less to worry about. The move shows Spike still want TNA on their network, and are more than happy to keep Impact on their station while negotiations continue, only time will tell whether both parties can come to an agreement or Impact will find itself on a new network at the start of 2015.

TNA Wednesday Randomania - Aug 20, 2014

- It's been quite an eventful week so I'm going to try to put things in perspective since there seems to be so much uncertainty in the air.  Firstly, let me remind everyone that starting tonight, Impact will air on Wednesday nights so my Randomania column will now be posted every Wednesday at 12:00 AM EST.  I think the decision to move Impact to Wednesdays is a smart one because it will essentially give TNA an opportunity to build an audience, whether it's on SpikeTV or another network, without the tough competition that is sports programming.  Whether it's the NFL games, the NBA Finals, the NBA and NFL drafts, etc., Thursday nights have always been a night for huge sporting events.  The reality is that TNA and other sports share the same target audience so the company will always be at a disadvantage.  Add to this, the fact that WWE Smackdown might be moving to Thursdays and all of a sudden, that target audience drops even more.  For these reasons, Thursday night is simply not an option right now so I'm happy to see SpikeTV has made the decision to give Impact a chance on a night in which the competition is not as tough.  I'm not sure what provoked this decision, although the above competition is proof enough, but I suspect that there's a long term plan in place.

19 August 2014

Catching Up with Ethan Carter III

Steve Orbanek of everybodyhatescleveland.com recently conducted a great interview with Ethan Carter III that covered several TNA-related topics as well as Cleveland Sports and some of Carter's past and his future goals. It's not often that we post interviews, however we felt this was such a good read that it was only right to share it with all of you, so we'd like to send a huge thanks to the interviewer Steve Orbanek for allowing us the opportunity to do so. Below are some snippets from the interview relating to TNA, if you would like to read the full interview simply click here.

18 August 2014

Broken But Not Down

As most of you know Davey Richards, one half of the Tag Team Champions The Wolves, broke his leg in a main event at a house show in Indiana, PA. The main event was scheduled to be The Wolves vs. 3D but as Bully Ray couldn’t be there, Mr. Anderson became Devon’s tag partner instead. According to my source, who was in the front row at the show, a few minutes into the match Davey was doing a roll up or flip type move on Mr. Anderson and he landed horribly wrong. As Davey replied to a fan on Twitter, “my leg got twisted underneath me”.

17 August 2014

RUMOR: Bully Ray Leaving TNA?

PWInsider is reporting that Bully Ray informed the locker room prior to tonight's live event in Maryland that he's leaving TNA due to the fact that the two sides could not come to an agreement on a new deal.  It appears that Bully Ray's contract has expired or will be expiring soon.  This is a shocking turn of events if true simply because Bully Ray has been such as prominent figure in TNA on TV and behind the scenes but I'm not surprised at all that the company could lose another top star due to their new contract policy.