07 February 2016

It's Not the Size of the Roster that Matters, It's How You Use It

Disclaimer: This is not a mirage, this is real, this is now, Musings from Will is back Baybee!!!!! (Thank you 2007 Chris Jericho for this) For those that don't know how these things go, it's real simple. In the disclaimer, I will go over all the subjects I shall be going over before going over them in greater detail in the column itself. In this column: I will be talking about the size of the TNA Roster and why bringing in more talent isn't that necessary, I will be talking about heel Matt Hardy and babyface Ethan Carter the Third, I will be covering TNA's "OMEGA Kliq" and I will throw in some other thoughts on TNA since they started on POP and since I started re-watching TNA again on that fateful January 5th Evening.

06 February 2016

TNAMecca Presents CHAT - Feb 6, 2016

Welcome to TNAMecca Presents CHAT!  Although we aren't an open forum where members can start their own threads, our sense of community spirit is what sets us apart from other wrestling sites so we thought it'd be fun to give our members the ability to dictate the discussion during the weekends via CHAT. Anything goes in CHAT but we do ask that most topics remain TNA-related. You can also discuss any rumors from any source whose reports are permitted here. However, the same etiquette rules that apply to our comments section in general also will apply here, including our policy on spoilers.

TNAMecca Presents TNA HUB - Feb 2016

TNA HUB is your source for TNA news, rumors and updates. Each and every day, TNA HUB will bring you the latest breaking news in the world of TNA and Impact Wrestling, as well as, any updates directly from TNA as they happen. TNA HUB will also provide you with links and information on any interviews or articles featuring TNA staff. We also encourage our members to post any news, rumors, or other relevant information that they come across in the comments section below.

05 February 2016

Mike and Maria in Dixieland

Before Mike Bennett and Maria came to TNA people couldn't decide if they would be the right fit for the company's current direction. In ROH/NJPW, Mike and Maria were significant parts of the faction, The Kingdom. Current ROH talents, Adam Cole and Matt Taven were also members of this group. Within the group Mike and Matt worked as a tag team with Maria as their personal manager. Part of the reason why people were undecided if Mike Bennett would fit in TNA was because his prominent and most successful role in ROH was as a tag team wrestler. With his previous employer it seemed like Mike never really got enough time to prove himself as a worthy singles wrestler. The popular consensus was that Mike needed to work in a team because he was not entertaining enough on his own. Ironically, in one episode all of those opinions were thrown out the window because Mike and Maria would prove them wrong seemingly effortlessly.

02 February 2016

Impact Live Discussion for Feb 2, 2016

Many wrestling fans enjoy participating in fun discussions during Impact every week, whether it's on social media or wrestling sites. However, it's getting increasingly harder to find places where TNA fans can safely express their opinions on Impact without having to deal with the trolling of the anti-TNA crowd or the smarks who insist on taking the fun out of pro wrestling. For this reason, we felt it was important to make TNAMecca available to our readers and any TNA fans who would like to share their opinions with other fans during the show.  You can now visit TNAMecca to do exactly that in the comments section below each and every Tuesday afternoon at 12PM EST. We feel that Tuesday nights will be a must-watch night of television and we're confident that TNAMecca will be the place to be for real wrestling fans. So make sure you join us every Tuesday afternoon at 12PM EST for our live Impact discussion.

31 January 2016

The Decay

What kind of images are conjured up when you think about "decay"?  Normally this particular word would not be associated with pro wrestling, but it definitely will be now that a new, improved version of Crazzy Steve, the debuting and disturbing Rosemary and The Monster Abyss will be spreading their sickness all over the TNA roster.  For me, when I consider the future possibilities of the macabre characters in this threesome, it feels exciting and unique.  Whether you enjoy the horror genre of entertainment or not, it has come to your television (and other devices) in the form of The Decay.  Scary movies and television have been a treasured part of our society for many decades.  This category of amusement is a reflection of popular culture and thus is a great fit on PopTV.  There are several current TV shows that fall into this classification including the critically acclaimed American Horror Story, Penny Dreadful and Scream.  There are also hundreds of horror movies out there.  So why not incorporate this type of main stream interest into TNA programming?  The Decay is what The Menagerie should have been; dark and sinister.  Instead Knux's carnival crew turned into a fucking joke.  The Decay, however, is no joke and they should not be trifled with.