28 July 2014

The Great Muta's Revenge

I've commented quite a bit recently on The Great Muta's involvement with TNA, but I don't think a lot of fans realized how stunning it would be until this last episode of IMPACT aired.  What a rare opportunity it is to have a Japanese legend of his stature on TNA's flagship TV show.  I felt like the segment with Muta (and Yasu), James Storm and Sanada was the show stealer last Thursday.  The Master of the Mist had such a grand entrance with his flashy wardrobe and 2 layers of masks.  The New York crowd was respectful and seemed to be in awe by what kind of presence The Great Muta exuded.  Even if you're a younger wrestling fan that never watched him in his younger days, it's not difficult to sense the prestige that Muta possesses.  The most impressive part of him appearing on the show was the fantastic way that he put over Sanada in a VERY effective heel turn.  This was all executed in a way that makes James Storm and Sanada automatically elevated heading into Bound For Glory in Tokyo.

Official TNA TV Deal Discussion

It's been a very interesting couple of days so I thought I'd create a post where we can focus exclusively on all the latest regarding TNA's TV deal with SpikeTV.  Nothing official has been announced but there have been rumors circulating that Spike might have decided not to renew Impact.  Again, this is based on rumors by unsubstantiated sources.  I realize how nerve-racking it must be for TNA fans to read these rumors, especially when we haven't heard any announcements from TNA or SpikeTV.  My fellow TNA fans, I can only suggest to you this: do not stress over it until we get some sort of confirmation from a reliable source and in this case I'd say that is either TNA or SpikeTV.  We will monitor this situation and bring you all the latest news, updates, or announcements.  In the meantime, please feel free to use the comments section below to discuss these developments with other TNA fans.

26 July 2014

Saturday Night Chat - Jul 26, 2014

Welcome to Saturday Night Chat on TNAMecca!  Although we aren't an open forum where members can start their own threads, our sense of community spirit is what sets us apart from other wrestling sites so we thought it'd be fun to give our members the ability to dictate the discussion for one night a week.  Anything goes in Saturday Night Chat but we do ask that all topics remain TNA-related and stay on topic. You can also discuss any rumors from any source regardless of how ludicrous they might sound.  However, the same etiquette rules that apply to our comments section in general also will apply here, including our policy on spoilers.

25 July 2014

A New Option

It’s always good to have options. Thus the case of Austin Aries who yet again recently won the X Division Title with the option to cash it in to for a chance to win the World Heavyweight Title against Bobby Lashley. As most of you know this isn’t Aries' first time going down this road. In fact in 2012 Aries was the first ever to cash in the X Division Title at a chance for the World Title. Not only did he cash it in but he won against Bobby Roode. Will he do it again this time against Lashley? We will find out very soon.

Tajiri to Appear at Impact Tapings in August!

Dixie Carter announced today that former ECW wrestler and current Wrestle-1 talent, Tajiri will be appearing at the Impact tapings in New York City in early August. This had been rumored but it's nice to finally get confirmation from TNA. Tajiri is still rather good in the ring so it'll be great to see him inside the six-sided ring for the first time. I'm curious to see if he gets involved in the James Storm/Sanada angle. Click here for the full press release.

24 July 2014

Post-IMPACT Discussion for Jul 24, 2014

One of my favorite activities after watching Impact is searching for forums in which fans can talk about the show and share with one another their thoughts.  However, it's getting increasingly harder to find venues where TNA fans can safely express their opinions on Impact without having to deal with the trolling of the anti-TNA crowd or the smarks who insist on taking the fun out of pro wrestling.

For this reason, we felt it was important to make TNAMecca available to our readers and any TNA fans who would like to discuss the show after watching it.  You can now visit TNAMecca immediately following Impact to do exactly that in the comments section below each and every week.  So please feel free to share with us your thoughts on tonight's historic episode from the Manhattan Center in New York City.  What did you think of the show?  What did you like or dislike?  Let us know.

TNA Thursday Randomania - Jul 24, 2014

- I think it's safe to say that last week's Impact was a huge success from an entertainment standpoint.  I can't remember the last time I had so much fun watching a wrestling show.  At a time when so many in the internet wrestling community take wrestling much too seriously, here comes TNA with a fun-filled and wonderfully nostalgic two hours of television.  When TNA gets it right, they bring you back to your childhood when pro wrestling was appreciated for its entertainment value and not judged by how long a match lasts or which segment of the show the world champion appears in.  Unfortunately, the latter was created by "journalists" in the industry who felt they needed to manufacture an environment in which they were seen as superior than the common fan in order to convince them to pay for their work.  The reality is that these so-called wrestling journalists were wrestling fans, just like you and I, with the same credentials but they set out to change the way we all watch wrestling in order to make a profit.  Unfortunately, the result is what we see today...so many wrestling fans who care more about show formats than simply sitting back and enjoying a wrestling show.  Pro wrestling is entertainment, folks,  always has been.  And luckily, we have a company in TNA that believes in making wrestling fun, and last week, TNA made wrestling fun again.

23 July 2014

TNA Signs Talents to New Deals

John Gaburick announced today on his official Twitter account that TNA has signed Sanada to a new deal, as well as re-signed Samuel Shaw and Brooke. This is good news as I feel that they all have a bright future in TNA and still have yet to reach their full potential.  I'm particularly excited about Sanada because I believe that he can be a star if TNA can somehow find the role that best fits him.  He's currently involved in an angle with James Storm so the company is definitely planning to push him beyond the X Division. Click here to read the full press release.

21 July 2014

Behind The Curtain: Q&A Volume VI

Ladies & Gentlemen welcome to the 6th edition of the Behind The Curtain Q&A series. In this offering we'll cover such topic's as Bound For Glory in Japan, the face of TNA, several names that could possibly join TNA, the amount of announcements & surprises in recent weeks and much more. Thanks in advance to those who submitted questions, and now with the intro out of the way, lets get to my answers.