13 February 2015

TNA Friday Randomania - Feb 13, 2015

- This week's Impact, the first of six from the UK, will be interesting because it's been branded as the fallout from Lockdown but there was no indication, judging by last week's closing moments, of what that means. There wasn't a hook, if you will. I suppose Lashley's unexpected involvement in Lethal Lockdown applies but he's been feuding with the BDC for several weeks so it'll technically be more of the same.  That's not to say, however, that "more of the same" in this case is a bad thing. The feud between the BDC and Lashley, Kurt Angle, and others has been one of the best things on Impact since the night the Clan was born a few weeks ago. I think a big part of the story's success is the writers' ability to consistently keep the focus on the TNA world heavyweight championship and its affect on the relationships between enemies, allies, and even best friends.  I'm not sure what drama will ensue tonight but I'm quite certain that Lashley's world title belt will be, once again, the cause.

- Drew Galloway is expected to make his TNA debut in the next two weeks but it's interesting that the company has already begun to tell his story via their Youtube videos.  A brief vignette has been shown during two of the Impact previews recently, featuring a man who resembles Galloway, and in the latest, a caption reads "The Voice of the People". It sounds like Drew Galloway will take on the persona as someone who's an advocate of the people and what the people want is wrestling, I presume. Obviously, I'm only speculating based on the vignettes but it's certainly a direction I'd like to see him go in. Nevertheless, I'm excited about his debut because I have a feeling that Galloway's TNA career will kick off in a big way and by making his debut in Glasgow, he'll have the hometown fans behind him.

- I've seen some express their belief that TNA split up Bram and Magnus much too soon. I can't say I completely disagree but it appears that the writers made the decision due to the UK tapings. And I can't say that I blame them.  I think one of the more important goals for the writers this year is to restore Magnus' status and make him relevant again. What better way than to get his hometown fans to rally around him and to ultimately make him look like a star. I don't need to remind you that perception is very important in wrestling and all it takes is one moment to change the way viewers perceive a certain wrestler.  TNA knows this which is why I suspect they planned it this way.  Two weeks ago, TNA put into motion their plan to make Magnus sympathetic again by scripting Bram to brutally attack him moments after Magnus shared with him photos of his baby boy, and it worked. It certainly worked for me. I think it will work for the UK fans as well.  It's a brilliant strategy by TNA because the narrative has now become that of a violent, hardcore lunatic who's targeted a family man with a newborn son. And it's a strategy that will get both of them over.
- Discovery Communications put out a press release yesterday touting Impact Wrestling's successful first month on Destination America. This is great news for TNA because they've proven that Impact can be an asset, especially for a network that's looking to grow its brand. The reality is that millions of people are now familiar with Destination America as a result of their partnership with TNA and that bodes well for this relationship. In their press release, Discovery claimed that over four million unique viewers watched TNA programming in the month of January on Destination America, which is very impressive.  This is after all the channel that so many experts claimed nobody had. But as usual, TNA and its loyal fans have proven them wrong because this is an indication that a good amount of people upgraded their cable package in order to watch Impact. Another interesting tidbit from the press release that caught my attention is the fact that Destination America's target demo appears to be adults between the ages of 25 and 54, and men in particular. Interestingly enough, a certain dirtsheet writer reported that Impact's audience is skewing older, in their 40's and 50's, because they're the age group that's home on Friday nights. This was obviously an attempt to disparage Impact's viewership numbers, which have been on the rise, but in the irony of ironies, it turns out that Destination America covets older viewers. By the way, if you haven't already, click here to read Discovery's full press release.

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