23 December 2014

TNA Tuesday Randomania - Dec 23, 2014

- This week, I'd like to begin with a TNAMecca scheduling note.  This will be the last Randomania of the year. Randomania will return on January 6th and will resume as a weekly column in 2015. I hope you all know how much I appreciate all the support you've shown this column since its debut on September 26, 2013.  It's clear to me that Randomania has become a part of your weekly routines as it has mine and together we've created a concept that brings joy to so many TNA fans.  Speaking of bringing joy, I can't think of a Randomania that I've looked so forward to write than the one for January 6th. Just one day prior to the much-anticipated live Impact from the Manhattan Center in New York City and premiere on Destination America, the first Randomania of 2015 will be a fun one for me, and hopefully for you.

- On November 19th, TNA and Discovery Communications officially announced a new television deal that would make Destination America the new home for Impact Wrestling for at least the next two years. Since then, TNA has gone on an announcing spree so I thought I'd take a moment to recap it all for those who may have missed anything.
1. Dixie Carter revealed the new Impact Wrestling logo. [Click here for the full press release.]
2. Impact Wrestling will premiere on Wednesday, January 7th at 9:00PM EST on Destination America with a live episode from the Manhattan Center in New York City. Destination America will also air an Impact Wrestling marathon on Wednesday, January 7th, starting at 9:00AM EST until the live premiere at 9:00PM. Impact will then move to its new night, starting on Friday, January 16th. [Click here for the full press release.]
3. Bobby Roode vs Lashley III will be the main event for the live Impact on January 7th. [Click here for the full press release.]
4. Impact Wrestling: Unlocked, a brand new weekly series, hosted by Mike Tenay, will premiere on Saturday, January 17th at 10:00AM EST on Destination America. [Click here for the full press release.]
5. Josh Mathews will be replacing Mike Tenay as the lead announcer of Impact Wrestling, starting on January 7th. [Click here for the full press release.]
6. TNA Wrestling's Greatest Matches, a new series featuring the best matches in the company's history, will premiere on Saturday, January 10th on Destination America.  The series will air every Saturday at 12 Noon immediately following Unlocked. [Click here for the full press release.] 

- I must say, that's quite an impressive list of announcements. TNA have done an outstanding job setting up their Destination America premiere by revealing a new layer of goodness every week and judging by a recent tweet from Bob Ryder, there are still more announcements to come between now and January 7th.  As a TNA fan, I couldn't be more excited for Impact's premiere and I'm not alone.  I'm happy to see so many TNA fans show their support for the company by upgrading their cable package in order to get Destination America. Interestingly enough, by upgrading, I'm hearing that some viewers are now getting El Rey Network, which airs Lucha Underground, so this is a clear example of how important a role TNA plays within the wrestling industry. Those who say otherwise are being disingenuous for reasons only they know.  Real TNA fans, in the meantime, are downright giddy for the January 7th premiere and are counting down the days. It's just a short two weeks, my friends, so get ready for the era of Destination Impact.

- As I noted above, Destination America will be airing an all-day marathon of TNA and Impact footage on January 7th, starting at 9:00AM.  That's twelve hours of nothing but TNA moments, folks. Let that sink in for a moment.  In honor of this wonderful day, I will be taking the day off from work to watch as much of it as I can and plan to discuss it either on Twitter or our comments section here on TNAMecca, so I hope you guys will join me. It doesn't get much better than this if you're a TNA all-day marathon leading to the live premiere of Impact at 9:00PM. And I can not wait.     

- And lastly, I'd like to announce some changes that will be taking place on TNAMecca soon.  Firstly, we will be unveiling a new look on Monday, December 29th, complete with a new header and graphics.  We're very excited about our new theme simply because we've strived since our launch in August of 2013 to constantly find ways to be different from every other wrestling site, and we feel that we've done that.  Our new look will set us even more apart from other sites and combined with our community, which is unlike any you'll find on wrestling sites, we will continue to carve our niche within the internet wrestling community. TNAMecca is the site for real TNA fans and that will never change. And secondly, with Impact moving to Fridays on Destination America, starting on January 16th, we've had to make some changes to our schedule.  The following schedule will officially take effect on Monday, January 12th:
  • Mondays: TNAMecca presents CHAT (A new chat which will be available to you Mondays thru Thursdays every week.)
  • Thursdays: Fans Talk TNA Podcast by FTW
  • Fridays: Randomania
  • Friday nights: Post-Impact Discussion (This discussion will be open all weekend and will replace Saturday Night Chat.)
  • Sundays: TNAMecca presents Ringside: Impact Wrestling Review

You can also expect new POV columns from our extremely talented staff of writers on a weekly basis as well as new editions of Bark of the Dawg, Mann in the Cage, Will's Musings, Into the Abyss, and Vantage Point.  In addition, look for the official debut of a new column from our newest addition to the team, but more about that later.

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