12 November 2014

Fans Talk TNA #003 - We're With Spud and Taryn Terrell

Welcome everyone to the episode three of Fans Talk TNA, which has been brought to you by TNAMecca and the Fans Talk Wrestling Podcast. Fans Talk TNA is a short, 15-minute conversation about what happened this week in TNA as well as what we can look forward to. Consider it your Impact Wrestling weekly pre-show available on demand every Wednesday.

In this episode, Nick and Garvin talk the week that was in TNA including the current state of the Knockouts division, what we think about Spud vs. EC3, and whether or not TNA can survive without being on TV for 5 or more weeks.

On this week's Impact:
  • Gunner vs. Samuel Shaw in a No DQ match
  • Samoa Joe was injured in his match last week. It is expected he will make an announcement on his future.
  • Eric Young vs. Tyrus
  • Taryn Terrell vs. Madison Rayne
  • Will Davey Richards join the Revolution?

What should we talk about next week? Leave your comments here on about what you'd like to discuss next week or on an upcoming edition of Fans Talk TNA.

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