10 September 2014

TNA Wednesday Randomania - Sep 10, 2014

- This week, I'd like to begin with the influx of rumors coming from the dirtsheets lately about all sorts of TNA-related topics.  The amount of unsubstantiated rumors I'm seeing on a daily basis is absolutely insane.  Even more insane is the fact that almost all of them will be proven to be false when it's all said and done yet some seem to believe them.  I suppose if you pay a monthly fee for "insider" stuff, you're more inclined to believe it regardless of how preposterous it sounds.  The reality is that insider "news" is no more legit than anything you'd read in the National Inquirer but as long as there's a market, the dirtsheets will continue to have to find "news" to report in order to justify the fees they charge.  Let's be real, if dirtsheets had insider news or scoops from real sources, I assure you, they'd be screaming it from the rooftops in order to get the credit, something any site with credibility would strive for.  Instead, they tuck the news away for only a select few to have access to it.  As a subscriber, one has to wonder why that is.  I, personally, don't subscribe to any dirtsheet nor do I plan to.  I prefer to get my news from the real sources who can confirm their reports and it won't cost me a single penny.  If you're a TNA fan, I urge you to not settle for "insider" reports from unnamed sources because in most cases, neither the dirtsheet nor the source have your best interests at heart or those of the wrestling promotion they're supposedly reporting about.  They're in it to make money and although I don't begrudge them that, I have an issue with their untruthfulness.  Because let me be clear, the only credible source is one that can provide evidence for what their reporting.  Wrestling fans should expect nothing less...especially those who are willing to pay for it.

- As for any recent rumors that pertain to TNA, I would take them all with a grain of salt until you hear something from TNA.  In most cases, Dixie Carter and Co. will be the ones to break their own news.  There are exceptions obviously such as SpikeTV or another network announcing a new television deal or the rare report by a credible site with a real source, which they acknowledge.

- There are so many things to look forward to on tonight's Impact.  Firstly, the second match in the tag titles series will take place as Team 3D (the winners of the first match), the Hardys, and the world champions, the Wolves will battle it out in a tables match.  If Team 3D wins, they will become the new TNA tag team champions.  If either of the other two teams wins, the series continues and they will choose the stipulation for the next match.  Secondly, James Storm and the Great Sanada will take on Austin Aries and Tajiri, which should be a really fun match.  But more importantly, could a re-packaged Manik make an appearance in support of Storm and Sanada?  Thirdly, Chris Melendez will be making his official in-ring debut against an unknown opponent.  This has the makings of a wonderfully touching moment and one that will require a tissue or two so make sure you have some handy.  If his introduction two weeks ago is any indication, then I'd imagine TNA went all out for his first match. And lastly, MVP mentioned on Twitter this week that he will be wrestling tonight.  TNA hasn't advertised anything so I assume it will be a match that's booked during the show.  Other things to look for...will Havok make another appearance?  What's next for EC3, Spud, and Rhino?  Will we get a segment between Bobby Roode and Lashley, promoting their world title match?  It looks like another jam-packed show tonight and I, for one, can not wait.

- And lastly, I'd like to dedicate a bit of this column to something I've been feeling lately and I hope it's something other TNA fans have been feeling as well, and that's the fact that TNA have made wrestling fun again.  No other American wrestling promotion puts a smile on my face like the current TNA product does.  For all of TNA's faults and constraints, they've managed to produce a fun-filled action packed two hours of television every week since Slammiversary.  We have been talking about a new era in TNA since January and even though we questioned whether or not it'd happen at times, the company finally delivered on their promise at Slammiversary.  I've been speculating in this column for months on what exactly the new era means, judging by the product that I watched, and I always thought that I'd found the answer.  The new faces was the new era, I thought.  Perhaps it was a renewed focus on character development and the creation of real gimmicks.  In a way, it was all of that because all the work to keep it all together for the first half of 2014 led to events of June 15th in Dallas/Fort Worth, TX.  That's when the new era was upon us...the era of the return to pro wrestling.  Today, TNA is a pro wrestling promotion.  The sports entertainment aspect has been toned down in favor of the basics that have made pro wrestling so much fun for the last several decades...the feuds, the rivalries, championships mattering, faces vs faces for titles, heels winning clean, less talking and more in-ring action, etc. That is the new and current era in TNA.  The pro wrestling era. This is the best the product has been in years and I'll go out on a limb and say that I'm very close to declaring this current era the best in the company's history.  If you're a disgruntled WWE fan, I strongly urge you to give TNA a chance because I have a feeling that Impact will more than likely scratch that wrestling itch, something the WWE is currently not doing if you're a wrestling fan.

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