01 August 2014

Official TNA TV Deal Discussion

It's been a very interesting couple of days so I thought I'd create a post where we can focus exclusively on all the latest regarding TNA's TV deal with SpikeTV.  Nothing official has been announced but there have been rumors circulating that Spike might have decided not to renew Impact.  Again, this is based on rumors by unsubstantiated sources.  I realize how nerve-racking it must be for TNA fans to read these rumors, especially when we haven't heard any announcements from TNA or SpikeTV.  My fellow TNA fans, I can only suggest to you this: do not stress over it until we get some sort of confirmation from a reliable source and in this case I'd say that is either TNA or SpikeTV.  We will monitor this situation and bring you all the latest news, updates, or announcements.  In the meantime, please feel free to use the comments section below to discuss these developments with other TNA fans.

UPDATE: TMZ is reporting that SpikeTV has informed TNA that they will not be renewing their TV deal which is due to expire in October.  Click here to read the full report.  Although this report concerns me, I will wait to hear something from TNA.

UPDATE #2: Dixie Carter has officially made the following statement regarding TNA's current status with SpikeTV. Bob Ryder also tweeted that the "reports are not true" and that negotiations were on-going.

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