29 May 2014

Rumour Killer: NYC Shows ARE Selling Well

A rumour began circulating today concerning the ticket sales for the three Impact tapings next month in New York City, claiming that sales were not very good and that the tickets weren't moving fast. Since I've been tracking the sales since day one, I can inform you all the story is 100% false and the sales are doing rather well. The story claims the layout only holds 800, when it can actually hold a maximum of 1,200 people, with around 1,100 tickets put on sale and some yet to be released for sale. The current number of tickets sold for the June 25th show is 591, with 507 tickets still available. The June 26th show has sold 605 with 495 still on sale, and the June 27th show has currently sold 730 tickets with 374 still available.

The report also states that while the front row for all three shows is sold out, there are a lot of ringside seats still available, which once again is simply not true. The total seats available in the ringside area is 646, and as it stands the June 25th show has 171 still on sale, the June 26th show has 167 available & the June 27th show only has 76 seats left. Like I said, the story is totally false with all the points it reports, and seeing as I have this information that I have collected since the shows went on sale, I thought I'd give you guys the real numbers and shoot down this rumour. We'll keep you updated on sales for both the June & August NYC tapings in the coming weeks.

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