04 April 2014

In Willow's Way

“We love. We hate. We die forever late. In Willow’s way…”  These are the words that ended every promo that introduced Jeff Hardy’s Willow persona to the Impact fans leading to Lockdown. Some fans didn’t know what to expect while other fans that have followed Hardy since the OMEGA days at least had an idea. Personally I think Willow has exceeded my expectations thus far. So here’s what we got as of now.

As we all of have seen from his first promos we have a darker character than the fan friendly Jeff Hardy. A maniacal laugh that will send chills down your spine and a new look that goes along with it. While some have been critical of his in-ring attire to me it makes perfect sense. Sure you could say he’s wearing the same thing he would as Jeff Hardy just with the Willow mask. However I look at it that no matter how crazy Willow gets the in-ring attire is just a reminder that Jeff Hardy is still in there. As far as Willow’s skull trench coat and black and white umbrella most fans seem to like it. Myself included.

It’s been said that actions speak louder than words. In the case of Willow both speak pretty loud. His words have left those that he was talking to both mesmerized and perplexed. His actions pretty much mirror those same reactions. Willow is not looking for wins at this point but to bring revenge to those who have wronged him. For example look at what he did to Rockstar Spud.

He got his revenge on Spud for costing him the title. Obviously the win didn't matter as much as making him pay for what he did. This later led to EC3 getting involved and we all know how that turned out more recently. Not the best for those guys. Definitely not a good idea to go after Willow in his own backyard.

What does the future hold for Willow? Where does he go after he gets revenge on all those that wronged him? As we saw from last night's Impact he's obviously not finished with Rockstar Spud. Will he become the next World Heavyweight Champion? Maybe but even if he doesn't get that shot I’m fine with it. I can see some more feuds for Willow along with more of his violent attacks. You know that’s not going to settle well with some of the others which will create some interesting stories down the road.

Willow has been a very enjoyable persona for me to watch on Impact thus far. I had seen him in OMEGA and knew what he was capable of so I had no doubt he would come across well on Impact. I just didn't know how well. Just as Jeff Hardy is and so is his persona of Willow you have to expect the unexpected. One thing for sure is that it will be done in Willow’s way.

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