20 March 2014

TNA Thursday Randomania - Mar 20, 2014

- This week, I'd like to begin with a POV I wrote recently regarding the booking of Austin Aries.  I feel like I need to clarify one thing: I did not report any rumors about Aries' contract status or the possibility of him leaving TNA.  I merely expressed my frustrations with the way TNA have booked him in recent months, which was triggered by Aries' cryptic tweets.  Do I believe that Aries is leaving TNA? No.  I don't believe that we will see Austin Aries leave TNA anytime soon.  Firstly, his contract I believe expires later in the year; I'm guessing in late Summer. And secondly, his salary won't hinder contract negotiations simply because, unlike AJ Styles' situation, the gap between TNA's offer and Aries' demands won't be as steep.  So I imagine the two sides will come to an agreement on a new deal when the time comes. 

- I haven't seen enough of Willow to properly evaluate him and like I do with every new character, I plan to give him a chance before I officially form an opinion.  I will say this however...I'm not sure he's made a great first impression on me.  I'll leave it at that.

- I have to admit, I felt a little sympathy for Rockstar Spud, last week, especially when Willow brutally attacked him.  I initially thought it was due to the fact that the announcers did a poor job explaining the reasons why Willow reacted the way he did.  I don't feel like they put enough emphasis on the significance of Spud's actions last December, which cost Jeff Hardy the TNA world championship. However, after giving it some thought, I realized that the reason I felt bad for Spud is this: I like Rockstar Spud.  I think he's one of the most entertaining characters in pro wrestling right now so I hope he's not out of action for too long.

- Some were a bit critical of TNA's decision to book Samuel Shaw to lose to Mr. Anderson last week.  I'm not sure I agree.  I think it's a mistake to assume that Shaw is a dominant wrestler simply because he's a sociopath with a creepy obsession for Christy Hemme.  Yes, he can do one harm in a matter of seconds due to his violent temper but I think he's much more interesting a character if he exhibits signs of vulnerability.  Besides, I don't think wins and losses are high on Samuel Shaw's priority list and that's fine.  Sometimes fans get too wrapped up in wins and losses, that they lose sight of the story that the writers are trying to tell and the Samuel Shaw-Mr Anderson feud is a perfect example of that.  Sometimes you just have to sit back and enjoy the ride.

- And lastly, tonight's episode feels a bit like a free PPV with at least three PPV quality matches in Magnus vs Samoa Joe for the world title, Ethan Carter III vs Bobby Lashley, and the Bromans vs the Wolves vs Sanada & Tigre Uno in a three-way for the tag titles.  We can also look forward to the next chapter in the Bully Ray-Bobby Roode feud and Velvet Sky's answer to Angelina Love's request to re-form the Beautiful People.  On paper, this is a jam-packed show and if last week's show was any indication, we are in for another treat.  TNA are really hitting their stride right now creatively as almost everything is clicking for me.  The characters, the storylines, the feuds, they're all resonating with me and it's exciting as a fan.  Of course, this has triggered another wave of anti-TNA sentiment all over the internet that has spread unfortunately to some of the top wrestling sites.  It's unfortunate simply because this is not a testament of how bad TNA's product is, but rather evidence that the hatred and pettiness is driven by one's own ego and inability to fairly evaluate a company when there's so much resentment.  Because make no mistake, TNA fans, this is all about resentment for this wonderful company's ability to overcome obstacle after obstacle and setback after setback.  TNA will not give up and the more Dixie Carter fights to grow TNA one fan at a time, year after year, the more the haters will try to troll those of us who are real fans.  At the end of the day, folks, TNA will fail or succeed because of the fans, not the supposed journalists on Pro Wrestling Dot Net or the sheep who spread the word of the all-mighty Meltzer on social media.  As long as there are sites like TNAMecca, real fans will always have a voice and a platform to show their support for TNA.

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