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"We envision TNAMecca as a website that people will want to read daily and experience great columns, current Impact Wrestling news, well-informed opinions and an enjoyable environment.  We will share our honest opinions with explanation as to why we think the way we do.  Our goal is to create a location where you can do the same and be surrounded by others just like that.  We know a strong portion of the Impact fanbase are as intelligent as they are passionate and convey their opinions in a civilized manner with an argument to support it. We want TNAMecca to be a place for fans like that. We hope that you will give us the opportunity to show you that TNAMecca can be a place that ignites your passion for Impact Wrestling, as well as, a place that brings you back to your childhood when pro wrestling was fun.  We know and recognize that without you there is no TNAMecca and we are indebted to your loyalty."


Co-Founder, Editor-In-Chief  [Contact]
BigDawg brings his enthusiasm and passion for Impact Wrestling, as well as a reputable writing style and a great knowledge of pro-wrestling, to TNAMecca.  The main column he will contribute is his opinions column, Bark of the Dawg.  As Co-Founder of the site, BigDawg is committed to bringing excellence and a secure environment for its readers.

Co-Founder, Contributor [Contact]
MisterTNA's love for Impact Wrestling dates back to 2004, and his wrestling knowledge dates back two decades further. A writer for several years, he was one of the co-founders of TNAMecca, and after a 18 month hiatus returned to the site with his "This is MisterTNA Speaking..." to share his opinions and passion for Impact, and help continue TNAMecca's staple of providing great content for its readers and a safe place for its community.
CJ Blaze
Contributor [Contact]
CJ is a young but knowledgeable pro wrestling fan of six years. Primarily watching WWE and Impact Wrestling, his favorites to watch include Seth Rollins, Sasha Banks, EC3, The Wolves, and Austin Aries. CJ attended Slammiversary 2015, which was his first and only Impact Wrestling event (so far). Be on the look out for his weekly column, TrailBlazin' Top 5, where he will rank matches, segments, promos, and interviews from the latest edition of Impact.

Contributor [Contact]
Will has been a Impact Wrestling fan going all the way back to 2005.  He has seen it all and is as much of a fan of Impact now as he was back then.  His current column, Will's Musings, is a staple here at TNAMecca and the history of his prior columns regarding Impact Wrestling goes back several years.

Contributor [Contact]
Nom has enjoyed a lifelong love of Pro Wrestling since first catching the bug in early childhood. A true "student of the game" since that time, as an adult he finds himself working in and around the business side at times via media and sports marketing associations. Nom brings a unique perspective, grounded in classic wrestling culture and knowledge while celebrating and dissecting current events in the active participation column called 'Unmasking IMPACT WRESTLING'.



Bark of the Dawg is an opinions column, generated and written by BigDawg.  Known as an Impact Wrestling optimist BigDawg lays it all out there in this thought-provoking and unique series which encompasses a variety of topics featuring Impact Wrestling. Click here to read previous editions of Bark of the Dawg.

This is MisterTNA Speaking... is an opinion column by the man himself, where he shares his views and thoughts of the Impact Wrestling landscape both on and off camera. Known for his big picture thinking, MisterTNA will often share his theories and ideas, often sparking debate within the community.  Click here to read previous editions of This is MisterTNA Speaking...

TrailBlazin' Top 5 is a weekly column, written by CJ Blaze, in which he will rank and discuss his favorite matches, segments, promos, moments, etc., from the week's episode of Impact.  Click here to read previous editions of TrailBlazin' Top 5.

Will's Musings is a valuable opinions column written by the well known member of our community, Will. He provides an initial disclaimer in each piece which sets up the content of the column and then he subsequently breaks down the recent events on Impact Wrestling.  Click here to read previous editions of Will's Musings.

Unmasking IMPACT WRESTLING features highlights, insights and points to ponder from the unique perspective of NomDePlume. Grounded in classic wrestling culture and knowledge, this active participation column celebrates and  dissects current events in Impact Wrestling. Click here to read previous editions of Unmasking IMPACT WRESTLING.