02 June 2017


WELCOME once again to 'Unmasking IMPACT WRESTLING' with highlights, insights and points to ponder and reply to from your trusted guide, NomDePlume.

Note: Spoilers are not known or discussed here in Parts Unknown.


Take it away, Frank-

These little town blues are melting away
I'll make a brand new start of it in old New York

IMPACT Wrestling LIVE makes a glorious return to Staten Island, NYC! Mark your calendars for Saturday, August 5th for what is guaranteed to be a can't miss show of the summer.

For ticket info, visit

Make no mistake, EC3 is a 100% Impact-made MEGA STAR

What a fantastic showcase for EC3's A+ promo skills in the opening segment to this weeks episode. Outstanding. This is the type of wildly entertaining mock comedy a talent like Ethan plays expertly - without turning it into a total cheese fest like we see most often from "the other guys".

Similarly, the bit a few weeks ago mocking Cowboy James Storm was the prefect set up for the serious, old school belt whipping that followed.

ELI DRAKE gets ripped off...

Dutch Mantel has gone on record saying the Grand Championship is set for a refinement, and lots of fans have made their suggestions clear so we'll see if he's listening. But, for my money the title match this week was high impact and without question one of the better ones. Eli Drake showed much more of his ability and range of storytelling inside the ring and his star continues to rise in spite of the loss.

It will be interesting to see where this all goes.

An aside- Were Dutch, D'Amore and Pritchard whispering about booking for India at ringside? 

Break Out Knock Out, ROSEMARY

I'm not certain it's the best idea to reestablish Decay around Rosemary given her super strong connection as a solo act currently. I'm old enough to remember when The Undertaker first got over as a unique fan favorite and this reminds me of that a lot... what do you think?

She's becoming a major attraction before our eyes, this much is for sure.

Little Miss Nova and her Red Corvette booty shorts...

My goodness. Like James Brown famously sang, I break out - in a cold sweat!

Nice debut and she could get over easily as a heel act, I do believe.

LAX corners the Gold Market

So, all the tag belts are essentially unified already? Fine by me as I think too much GFW focus will hinder and bog down Slammiversary.

As to the match itself, the Throwback Thursday tag comes to mind as it was about as textbook as could be for what it was. Not bad at all, but a little less than spectacular.

VOW, Wilcox in particular has a Doug Furnas/Powers of Pain vibe... and while I was no Crimson fan, his role as tag partner Mayweather is far preferable to seeing him on a solo winning streak.

As mid-card tag fan faves these guys are in shape, decent workers and more than serviceable, IMO.

LAX went over as they should and now horde all the tag gold. Who's next?

A little Patron tequila for K-Dawg and the smooth as silk pipe to the knee, please.

Yo ass better call somebody!

Tip for our old buddy JB- Tell Joseph Park, Esq. he better call up his inner ABYSS.

The numbers don't lie JB, and they add up to your ass getting beat, at Slamvergisty!

LOW-KI discovers The Fountain of Youth.

OK, give it up dude, where is the Fountain of Youth you drink from... this guy is an ageless wonder in the ring and looks just as crisp and bad ass as he ever did.

The X-Division is re-energized, indeed!

Hammer Time

Alright, can someone explain to me exactly who we are supposed to be pulling for and against in this whole Spud/Swoggle boondoggle? Definite low spot of the show. I'm a big fan of Spud's talents but feel he's being wasted completely in this seemingly aimless storyline. The only part I liked was spotting the REVENGE poster Spud was holding up before he attacked out of the blue. Spud! I automatically thought positively, then it was all downhill. Enough of this guys, it's got no, ummm, legs.

...and for Your MAIN EVENT of the evening-

Simply put, an Epic TV Main Event. Both Alberto and Ethan brought their A game and then some. This is the type programming that wins over converts and cements legacy's. All-or-nothing-six-sides-of-steel... and wow, they tore the house down! If you haven't seen it, go out of your way to do so. If you did see it, watch it again and mark it on your DVR as "keep forever". It was THAT good.

Alberto is more than proving his worth and seems to relish sticking it to the old man up north, agree?

This hot episode of IMPACT earns a well deserved 8.3/10 on Nom's non-biased sliding scale.

How did YOU like the big show?

Next week, India, here we come... Impact is out of The Zone!

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