02 June 2017

TrailBlazin' Top 5 - Jun 1, 2017

How exciting is it for Impact to be widely talked about in a positive manner for once? The India tour, Slammiversary 15, and returning to the road this summer are all great steps in the right direction for the company and the wrestlers we love so dearly. Keep it up!

Tag Team of the Week: LAX

I hadn't intended on using another tag team in this spot, but I wanted to address the tag scene. This reincarnation of LAX has been fun to watch. The company seems high on them considering they are now both the Impact and GFW Tag Team Champions. I enjoyed their match against VOW this week, which led me to believe this feud is just getting started. I don't mind LAX being pushed to the moon like they have been, but part of me feels like VOW should've won the GFW titles, leading to an eventual unification match. The only problem there is we already will likely be seeing two of those at Slammiversary. The tag division could use some help... so who will step up to stop the champs?

Match of the Week: El Patron vs. EC3 - Steel Cage

The Meccanites weren't kidding when they said this was a fantastic steel cage main event. It surpassed my expectations when really I should've expected a great performance. Alberto El Patron is a really good worker, and I'm starting to think his best work in the ring is actually as a babyface. I enjoyed his work the most in WWE in early 2013 during his face run just like I am now. Mix face Alberto HeelC3 and we have a must-see match-up. It sucks that Ethan lost his contendership spot after winning the three way dance week. Obviously management wants the unification bout to headline Slammiversary, so this allows Ethan and Storm to tango one more time at the PPV.

The Highlight: Divisions represented

I've mentioned this a handful of times since the reboot this year. There have been several episodes where all five of the company's divisions were represented in one two-hour episode quite nicely. We witnessed that once again this week with Moose/Drake, Allie, LAX/VOW, Low Ki/Everett, and of course, El Patron/EC3. I've said it once, and I'll say it again - WWE should take notes. It really isn't hard at all.

The Lowlight: Impact Grand Title format

So Eli Drake should technically be Impact Grand Champion right now, right? He owned Moose in their good match this week. Not only that, but Eli had more points, but Moose was chosen as the winner but three judges we all know. Eli was screwed over by the format of this division. Needless to say, it's time for a change. I wouldn't mind seeing this turn into a 10 or 15 minute Iron Man type division, similar to FCW's 15 Title (for those of you who know what that is). My hope still remains that Eli wins the title this summer.

Talking Point: Blurred lines

One thing I've enjoyed from Impact lately is the blurred lines in characters. When you look at the likes of Rosemary and LAX, we aren't 100% sure whether they're babyfaces or heels. And that's a good thing! Each company should have diverse characters that make you question which "side" they're really on. By the way - I absolutely adored that backstage segment where Rosemary walked up on Allie. I'm looking forward to seeing what's next for those two.

Yet another successful episode of Impact is in the books! Can't wait to see what the India episodes will be like starting next week. One month to go (already??) until Slammiversary! Impact feels great again.

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