27 May 2017

TrailBlazin' Top 5 - May 25, 2017

Despite only having four actual matches, I didn't really have much to complain about this week's show. Maybe it wasn't on par as the last two, but still, Impact had a really good set of tapings last month it seems. You may notice a couple of the categories are switched up this time, so enjoy!

Tag Team of the Week: Alisha & Eddie Edwards

Seeing as though we had three tag team matches, I thought it'd only be fitting to pick one of my favorite teams from this week's show to talk about. Despite having knee surgery not that long ago... Eddie teamed with his wife (for the first time?) to pick up what felt like a surprising victory over Angelina Love and Davey Richards. The match was fun, especially with Davey and Eddie going at it. Alisha showed potential, and I'm sure she'll only get better. This feud hasn't felt stale at all considering its length, which is certainly a good thing. Now I'm left wondering what exactly these four will do at Slammiversary - as in, what kind of match will we ultimately see?

Match of the Week: EC3 vs. James Storm vs. Magnus

These three gave us exactly what I was expecting from them. Their dynamic characters and ring styles meshed well to deliver in this highly-anticipated main event. EC3 going over felt right despite the fact that he and Lashley headlined Bound For Glory for the World Title. Considering we have over a month before Slammiversary, I'm willing to bet this isn't the final main event. With Magnus being pinned, Storm not being finished with Ethan, and El Patron still in the mix as GFW Global Champion, I remain hopeful we see a KOTM match or something other than EC3 vs. Lashley again. 

The Highlight: Rosemary evolving?

Since entering the Knockouts Title picture last year, Rosemary has really grown on me and has become a main attraction for me personally, especially with the dissolution of Decay. The tag match between KM/Kong and Shera/Sutter was highly forgettable, but what happened afterwards was not at all. Sienna and Laurel Van Ness teamed up on Allie before Rosemary mysteriously made her way out. Much to the surprise of the ladies in the ring, Rosemary took out Laurel and the new GFW Women's Champion. What does Allie have to do with it? Perhaps she enters the title picture after Slammiversary. Until then though, I believe Rosemary wants to prove to Sienna who the top woman is in the company, and I'm all for it.

Talking Point: Scott Steiner

I don't want to necessarily label this part as The Lowlight for a couple of reasons. One - I don't want to come off too strongly as a Josh Mathews hater. I put him in this spot last week for sure. And two - I don't want to bash Scott Steiner just yet. You see, there's something about this tag team match that has me excited... and I still have no idea what it is yet. I will continue to say that the JB/Josh feud reminds me way too much of Lawler/Cole in WWE. Additionally, when I heard Steiner returned at the last set of tapings, I immediately rolled my eyes. While it will get people talking, I'm not sure he's the best choice. On the other hand, his presence reminds me of the old TNA days. Perhaps that's not a bad thing?

Prediction: Eli Drake will be Impact Grand Champion soon

Rather than having Moose defend the title in a pointless match this week, we saw a cool video package on the titleholder to remind us he's still around. That led into Eli Drake (YAY) cutting a promo backstage before a brawl ensued. It looks like a title match may happen next place. Regardless, I firmly believe Eli is taking that title sometime this summer. Ideally, he would win it at Slammiversary, but I also wouldn't be against him winning it before then. This booking situation reminds me of Drake/Bram for the KOTM Title match at last year's Slammiversary. But if he can't be in the World Title picture, then I guess this will do.

I noticed this was the first week in quite awhile we did not have an X-Division match. I can't complain at all really because of how much X-Division we've been receiving, not to mention they were the main event last week. Once again, I'm already looking forward to next week with LAX/VOW and Low Ki/Everett on the card. The hype for Slammiversary is getting real! And to conclude, good luck to the company in India this week. Here's to hoping we continue to have a strong lead up to the big event.

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