20 May 2017

TrailBlazin' Top 5 - May 18, 2017

I was glad to read all the receptive comments to the new and improved format for the Top 5. You will continue to see it that way from here on out! Can you believe we had another fantastic episode of Impact for the second week in a row? Once again, I have a lot to say, so here we go:

Star of the Week: Ethan Carter III

What set EC3 apart from everyone else when he debuted a few years ago was his heel character. Sure, it was nice to see him have a babyface run, but now he is back to greatness. Ethan and Storm put on a really fun match this week, which was sure to end with some screwiness considering tensions are still running high after last week's brutal assault. Quite simply, HeelC3 looked like a million bucks with his beat down on Stiffler and then Bruce Prichard! To make things a little more interesting, Magnus was thrown in the mix and now we have what promises to be a great triple threat match coming up. 

Match of the Week: Ultimate X

I can't find the right words to express how happy I am to see the X-Division mean something again. Low Ki, Trevor Lee, and Andrew Everett stole the show with their amazing performances here. Dutch Mantell said this match wasn't saved for Slammiversary because management has a better match planned...? We are in for a treat then. 

The Highlight: Storylines continue to progress

One thing that is important to me in wrestling is story telling. Sure, I love to watch amazing ring work, but often times it means nothing if there's not a story behind it. The key matches on this week's show were set up nicely last week. That trend will continue into next week as more great matches have been booked to progress the storylines in place. Keep it up!

The Lowlight: JB/Josh continues; Still no Lashley

There's days where I can stand the odd feud between Borash and Josh, and then there's days where I absolutely cannot wait for it to be over. Joseph Park returning was an interesting choice, which has me oddly excited to see what's in store for this tag match at Slammiversary. (Why am I like this?)

Meanwhile, the lack of Lashley once again bothered me. He's not even advertised for next week yet either. I sure hope he's on commentary for EC3/Storm/Magnus, or does something more than a backstage interview. He's the freaking top champ of the company! Last I checked, he's no Brock Lesnar...

Prediction: VOW will meet LAX

LAX had a great match against Garza Jr. and Laredo Kid in the GFW Tag Title tournament. Now that we know VOW will be in a tourney match next week, it's almost guaranteed we will see this new feud result in a GFW Tag Team Title match in the coming weeks. I look forward to it, and wonder if we'll see the feud go all the way to Slammiversary.

Viewership numbers may be fluctuating, but that certainly doesn't mean the shows aren't working. The hard work being put in to make Impact great again isn't going unnoticed. Keep it up, guys. Until next week!

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