13 May 2017

TrailBlazin' Top 5 - May 11, 2017

Hello ladies and gents! I'll cut right to the chase and announce I've decided to introduce a new format for this column. I really enjoyed this week's show, so I have plenty of things to say with the new, easy-to-follow categories. Let's get started!

Star of the Week - Alberto El Patron

I've always had mixed feelings about Alberto since I first saw him in WWE in 2011. Some days I like what he's doing, and other days I simply can't stand the guy. Needless to say, it looks like El Patron may be what Impact needs right now. If you look at the facts, Impact viewership has gone up over the last two weeks and guess who headlined both of those shows? You guessed it. This week, Alberto took on Magnus in what could be considered a "dream" match for GFW's Global Title. I was really hyped for this as the company did a fantastic job at making the bout feel important. Alberto had a really strong match with Magnus before winning and taking the title with him. I'm certainly looking forward to seeing where Alberto goes as champ.

Match of the Week - Cruiser... I mean X-Division!

The X-Division continues to be on fire! It was quite nice to see Sydal, Everett, Konley, and Xavier compete in what could easily be a contender's match that stole the show. There were a handful of really cool spots that made this truly feel like an X-Division match. Also, I'm glad Low Ki wasn't thrown in this to make it a random multi-man title match. Everett going over was the right choice in my eyes as they set up Ki vs. Everett vs. Lee in what promises to be an amazing Ultimate X match next week. Keep up the great work everyone on making this division mean something again.

The Highlight - Another home-run* episode

Impact continues to put together really solid episodes this year under the new regime, and this week's was certainly no exception. Every division was represented well with Laurel Van Ness, Angelina Love and Alisha represented the Knockouts. We saw a tag team win for Garza Jr. & Laredo Kid, in addition to LAX and VOW clashing. We also saw the opening X-Division match, an Impact Grand Title match, and then of course the Global Title match to cap off the night. All of that action was stuffed into two hours successfully, I would say. (WWE should take a few notes.) As for the asterisk, here's the one thing that caught my attention...

The Lowlight - Not enough Lashley

Maybe it's just me, but it certainly doesn't feel like we've seen enough of Lashley lately. I mean, after all, he is the Impact World Champion. Clearly the GFW Global Title has been receiving more attention in preparations to do a title change. I appreciate Impact airing promos from Lashley as he does need to be appearing in some capacity. Hopefully with Slammiversary around the corner, the main event focus gets put back on The Destroyer.

Prediction - EC3 vs. Storm... feud of the year?

The rivalry between EC3 and James Storm is just getting started as the groundwork begins to be laid out for Slammiversary. Every feud has at least one or two memorable moments during the build to an actual encounter in the ring, am I right? What we saw this week with Ethan Cowboy was absolutely one of those pivotal moments Both performers were amazing in this hard-to-watch beat down. I would be 100% down for a singles or gimmick match between the two on July 2nd. I would also even go as far to predict that this developing rivalry could go down as the year's top feud.

Kudos to everyone who was a part of this successful episode. Storylines and rivalries continued to escalate, making next week another must-see show. As it seems most of you enjoyed this week's episode, what did you think of this new format? I want to hear from you below whether it's about the show or the column! 

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