03 May 2017

Crazzy Steve Going To WWE Is The Best Thing To Happen To TNA

Disclaimer: No the title is not a misprint, the news of Crazzy Steve going to WWE is the best thing to happen to TNA and I will explain why that is obviously. I will also talk about the Jarrett booking team inadvertently making heels championing the previous regime the real babyfaces of the entire promotion. This one will be relatively short as I wanted to get this POV of Steve up and I don't have much else to talk about with TNA so early into this Taping Cycle.

Crazzy Steve Going To WWE Means Anyone Can Get To WWE Through TNA

Vince McMahon is a very savvy businessman even if he is as senile as Mr. C Montgomery Burns is these days. He knew how destroy the lesser territories in the 80s and 90s and before Triple H took over the handling of signing talent (He is one hell of Pok√©mon Trainer as he gotta catch them all regardless of how much cash he burns for little return on the money), he knew how to destroy TNA by making it so anyone who goes there doesn't get a shot at stardom with WWE ever. Since the day TNA started on Spike TV through 2013, you can count on one hand how many guys synonymous with TNA got signed by WWE let alone pushed by them (I'm omitting people like Christian who was a WWE guy first before going to TNA and then back to WWE). Simply put, Vince McMahon made it so that guys with a lot of talent would be kissing a WWE Career goodbye by going to TNA. Since 2014 started however, TNA stalwarts have made their way to WWE (or back there) like: Sting, Kurt Angle, The Hardys, Drew Galloway, The Dudley Boys, AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, Austin Aries, Bobby Roode, Eric Young, Mickie James, TJ Perkins and now Crazzy Steve.

Look at that last name on the list compared to the other 14 names I mentioned. He isn't a legend in Professional Wrestling, a main event guy who had the chance to main event again or a guy people have thought to be amazing on the mic or in the ring or both. I mean that as no disrespect to Steve as the dude worked his ass off, remade himself into a scary creepy clown and was part of the best act TNA had in 2016 with Decay. Steve came into TNA with little fanfare, just a guy on the Canadian indies with a quirky gimmick and the handicap of being blind as a bat in real life. He is a guy who was just there to fill out the bottom of the TNA card, then he got in wicked shape, then became part of the best act in TNA who worked the best feud of the year in TNA with the Broken Hardys and now is going to WWE for his one chance at glory and good on him for getting all that by the way.

See if a guy like Crazzy Steve can get a gig with WWE after cutting his teeth in TNA for years, anyone can and that's my point. For years people decided to stay away from TNA cause going there killed their chance of going to WWE. They'd rather work ROH for little money or Evolve or PWG because at the very least they could get WWE's attention and "pay their dues" in the business to get a job with WWE. Now seeing how a guy like Steve can a gig with WWE, maybe just maybe going to TNA doesn't kill your WWE chances but rather gets you on WWE's radar and better yet lands you a better deal and a push with WWE as everyone I mentioned two paragraphs ago besides EY and The Dudley Boys seem to have gotten a big push on whatever WWE show they landed on. With that kind of opportunity potentially there with WWE while getting "TV Ready" in TNA, it opens the doors for TNA to sign some independent standouts (who wouldn't give TNA a second look years ago when it would kill their WWE chance) who can improve the TNA roster and who knows help TNA get into a better financial position so in a couple of years when WWE comes a knocking, TNA can pay them just as well and they stay in TNA like Styles, Roode, Joe and others did a fortnight ago.

"Ugh, Making Impact Great Again" Is The Line Said By a TNA Babyface Not a TNA Heel

The Great Ethan Carter The Third started his inaugural heel promo with this line stating in utter disgust this entire "Make Impact Great Again" marketing campaign that takes a dump on the people who have worked there these past number of years (The fact he ended the segment taking a figurative dump on the Anthem Impact logo was perfect). Fact is Ethan should be disgusted by that campaign shitting on the company his family built (Which should be beaten into the head of one Karen Jarrett whose character is quickly reaching Stephanie "I know all about how horrible this 9/11 thing is, its just like when the government took my dad to trial" McMahon levels of grand delusion on made up bullshit), shitting on the company he was at the forefront of for 3 years and a campaign that spits in the face of every fan who stayed with TNA through thick and thin. How am I supposed to be mad at anything Ethan says when he starts off by pointing out the viewpoint shared by many people??? Simply put, you can't. And when that happens, it leads to WWE booking where the crowd cheers the heels and boos the babyfaces cause we all agree with what the heel says and does.

From the great Ethan Carter The Third to The Great E-LI Drake who cuts a promo later in the show about being shunned, ignored, overlooked and not taken seriously because all these new people have come in. Once again E-LI Drake cuts a promo where E-LI Drake is completely in the right and this isn't smark cheer the heel attitude here, this is the truth. Why am I watching Kongo Kong wrestle shitty squash matches, why am I watching KM berate a waiter in a restaurant etc. when I can watch E-LI Drake talk, watch E-LI Drake wrestle and watch E-LI Drake god willing win championships. The fat jobber from New Jersey whose name I don't even care to know has gotten more TV time in recent weeks then E-LI Drake and when E-LI points that out, I am supposed to boo this man. Like come on, don't have E-LI cut fiery babyface promos unless you are going to turn him babyface and TNA isn't going to do that.

We move on from the cream of the crop, to the crap at the bottom as we even have Josh Matthews cutting babyface promos when he is supposed to be this huge douchebag heel. His promo berating the delusional Karen Jarrett was a babyface promo in line with what EC3 did last week when he defended the past few years of TNA and in the big match against TNA Original Jeremy Borash: Josh was booked to have the people who made TNA great the past 3 years (and Tyrus for some reason) represent his team while the TNA Original JB brought in a bunch of guys who weren't there in January 2017 to represent his team. Why in the world are you booking the new age smug jackass heel to be the guy defending the past few years of TNA vs. the guy who has been Mr. TNA since day 1 bringing in guys from GFW, WWE and Matt Morgan who hasn't been in TNA in years.

Trying to portray the people who are defending what TNA was the past few years as heels to a fan base who has stuck by this product for the years when everyone else left is a tone deaf booking job on par with how WWE books babyface Roman Reigns, its just a horrible all the way around. The new booking team has done an admirable job bringing in talent (both old and new) and bringing them into the TNA Galaxy pretty seamlessly but the material given to these 3 heels is just completely the wrong way to go if you want them to be booed. Change the script or sit back and watch your 3 top heels be cheered as babyfaces going forward.

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