06 April 2017

TrailBlazin' Top 5 - Apr 6, 2017

Before we dive in, I wanted to touch on last week's episode (which I unfortunately missed due to school work and WrestleMania preparations, sorry). When I started it, I had this dreaded feeling, like I was watching the Impact of old. Luckily that feeling went away when Moose and Cody put on one of the best performances of the night. LAX winning the Tag Titles was a good call and will hopefully lead to good things for the tag division. Now that we're all caught up... Let's break it down!

#5 - One Dirty Battle

I wasn't too interested in this match, and perhaps it was because of the many new faces involved. Maybe that a smart way to introduce some of them? The one that caught my attention the most was Diamante of LAX. She could do some interesting things with Rosemary. Anyway, ODB going over didn't shock me one bit since after the promo she cut last week. Last eliminating Madison Rayne was also a good booking decision, but I certainly wouldn't mind seeing her actually booked as a real threat. It'll be interesting to see what kind of chemistry Rosemary and ODB have.

#4 - Hot start

How refreshing was it to see a wrestling show open right away with the ringing of a bell? Eli Drake and Caleb Konley put on a short, sweet, and fresh match that set the tone for the rest of the night. Obviously putting Drake over was the right call. Hopefully his position on the card rises as we inch closer to Slammiversary. This guy needs to be in the World Title picture, if not the champ, by year's end.

#3 - Everett's pursuit of gold

I'm enjoying the nice little story we are seeing with Andrew Everett targeting the X-Division Title as it is currently held by his friend-turned-foe. The guy always delivers in the ring with his unique style and risky bumps. I wouldn't mind at all seeing him beat Lee for the title soon. Another thing I must compliment Impact on since the reboot - we've seen an X-Division match every week for a month now. How awesome is that?

#2 - JB vs. Josh is almost over!

This rivalry has got to go, and luckily it seems to be coming to a close next week. While the main event truly should've been the Last Man Standing match, I'll pass this ending the show just because of the returns involved - which is the only reason I'm remotely excited for the 4 on 4. Josh's team is alright with Lashley, Bram, Drake and Tyrus, but it seems super obvious they will lose. JB has put together a unique "new" team with the likes of Alberto, Adonis, Morgan & MAGNUS! I'm super happy to see him back. (Watching him against James Storm at Slammiversary 2015 was one of my personal highlights.) Hopefully the match delivers and the feud ends there.

#1 - Last Wolf Standing

I'm still not caught up to see how the start of this feud has developed, but it tears at my heart a little to see my favorites embroiled in a blood feud. The big bumps and spots with the chairs were brutal. These two had fantastic story-telling as Davey hesitated kicking Eddie with the chain around his foot. Angelina and Alisha played their roles quite nicely as well. Honestly, everything about this match felt perfect. Davey winning surely means this feud is far from over. Unlike JB vs. Josh, I wouldn't mind seeing this go until Slammiversary.


Overall, this wasn't a terrible episode by any means. It felt a little weaker in the sense that we didn't see EC3, much of the World Title picture, or the Tag division. But of course, those items were featured last week. Next week caps off the latest set of tapings, so I'm very interested to see what continue to develops for the company in the coming weeks and months.

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