20 April 2017

TrailBlazin' Top 5 - Apr 20, 2017

Impact was LIVE! Well, almost. But it was good enough for me! Impact has consistently been "on fleek" (Sorry). Luckily that trend continued for this must-see episode. With that said - here's my top five:

#5 - One Dirty Rosemary

Overall this was a fun match. The only real disappointment for me was it didn't quite go 4 minutes. It was also nice filler for the Knockouts Title picture, and I'm not sure it will continue. Now it's time to establish even more contenders for Rosemary and build up to a must-see match at Slammiversary. Who could it be?

#4 - Will LAX decay?

The show opened in probably the best way possible with LAX keeping the in-ring action hot against a couple of talented jobbers. To make matters even better, Decay made it known they have their sights set firmly on the Tag Titles. The brawl was spot on and now we have a Street Fight booked for next week already! That is how you get viewers to come back.

#3 - Davey targets Moose

Fresh storylines and match-ups are always nice, and Impact got the ball rolling on one for the Impact Grand Championship. Davey Richards entering the title picture right now is perfect because it could lead to Davey vs. Eddie for the title at Slammiversary. That would really help save that particular division. I'm also wondering how Chris Adonis fits in to this. Will a feud between Adonis and Moose continue after he drops the title? Next week shall be interesting to say the least!

#2 - Trouble is back

Heel EC3 has returned! I enjoyed his babyface run in the early stages, but his heel run is what made him my favorite Impact star. Storm vs. Lashley was a really solid match as expected, and some screwiness was expected one way or another. The heel turn makes total sense and will allow for him to remain in the title picture again without any stale feelings. As many of the Meccanites said in the discussion thread, EC3 and Storm will blow us away with their promos and matches.

#1 - The revival of the X-Division

How could this not be the best part of Impact? THANK YOU to whoever pushed for the X-Division to be saved, whether that be Sonjay Dutt, Jeff Jarrett, or someone else. This division is one of the major things that brought me to TNA. Since I began watching Impact three years ago, I can honestly say this was probably the best X-Division match I've ever seen. Everyone played their roles perfectly. If you've been reading my last few columns, you'll know I've been pushing for Everett to win the title. With the returns of Dutt and Low Ki, I accepted the fact that one of them was walking out with gold. Low Ki is one of my favorites to watch, so I was happy to see him win. Hopefully he sticks around longer than a year as Impact prepares to make the X-Division great again.


I'll go on record and say this was the best episode of Impact of 2017 so far. Any disagreements? Sure it would've been nice to see more from the likes of Edwards, Richards, Cody, Drake, or even El Patron. Still, Impact made the most of their time and delivered one hell of a show that had so much to offer. The road to Slammiversary continues, as does the buzz and excitement.

What did you think? Sound off below!

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