16 April 2017

TNA: This Is Your Mission For These Tapings That You Have To Accept

Disclaimer: To answer your first immediate question: Yes I was watching Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation which is where I got the idea for the column's title this time around. I'm only going to be talking about what I want and frankly feel I need to see from TNA during the tapings this week. I don't really have a plan on how many items I need to see at the tapings so let's see where this ends up and how many I have.

Make Davey Richards The Grand Champion

In a Galaxy where Lashley isn't the heel TNA World Champion of the world, I'd say Davey should find his way into the world title picture if not win the damn thing on one of these "special" named episodes of Impact. However the TNA galaxy has a Destroyer (Fuck this new "Walking Armageddon" shit moniker for Lashley, The Destroyer will forever be a way better moniker for Lashley) as world champion named Lashley and there is no place for Davey at this point in that division. So lets move to the next best thing for Davey and that's the Grand Championship that has suffered from the start. Considering this title has had Galloway being injured before winning it, the Aron Rex fiasco before we got a break and Drew started making it work before signing with WWE again, now we got Moose doing a whole lotta nothing with the title and its just screaming for Davey to take the belt and go on the run "Wronged Man" Drew Galloway never got the chance to do. Sure the Davey vs. Eddie feud (Which just had a friggin amazing Last Man Standing Match) doesn't need the Grand Title but the Grand Title needs to become the workhorse title in TNA and Davey is that workhorse to establish it. Plus the only logical guy to take the belt off him is Eddie Edwards who is the second best guy to establish this title as the workhorse title so we and the Grand Title win either way.

Lashley, LAX and Rosemary Need To Leave The Tapings As Champions

There is an old adage that only the best of the best should be champion (Something WWE willfully ignores) and at this stage of the re-development of the TNA roster, these 4 people are the best of the best in their respective divisions. I don't need to say anything to back up that point about Lashley who when he gives no fucks, is the best damn thing in the company. He probably should've been World Champion straight through from Slammivarsary 2016 to the present day, but The Destroyer should keep this title till Slammivarsary 2017 at minimum. The same goes for Rosemary whose also in the conversation for being the best damn thing in TNA today and with Gail thankfully gone for awhile, the Knockouts division is Rosemary.................. Diamente (her time will come soon but not now), Sienna (whose on her own with KM, Fury, Allie and Sutter) ...........Um ODB and Madison Rayne.................. all these mismatched people they brought in at the last tapings who they threw out there with no buildup. On a side note, please sign Santana Garrett to a full time deal please because she rules.

While Lashley and Rosemary need to stay champions because they are so much better then everyone else, the reason why LAX need to stay tag team champions is completely different. LAX came back into the fold/debuted for TNA at the last tapings and quickly became the best new addition to the TNA roster. They need to keep the belts through this taping cycle to really establish themselves as the cream of the crop of a suddenly competitive tag team scene in TNA. Whoever the booking team decides should be their chief rivals (Laredo Kid and Garza Jr. or Reno Scum) going forward, they just need to keep LAX away from them and have the other team be the "TV program" for LAX to for lack of a better term kill time until the big tag team title clash at Slammivarsary 2017 between LAX and their chief rivals whomever that might be. Also I don't mean have the title change hands night one only to put the title back on any one of these 4 by the end of the tapings, I mean they should be holding the title throughout the tapings without losing it.

Karen Jarrett, Bruce Pritchard, Dutch Mantel And Whomever Else Represents The Booking Committee Must Never Enter The Ring

This one won't be a long explanation. Simply put, these 3 were awful and nauseating and a complete shitshow to me whenever I saw them on TV throughout the last taping cycle. Now if they MUST keep them around, a short 60 second vignette here or there to announce matches will be acceptable but in ring segments that go longer then 5 minutes is unforgivable and insulting to me as a viewer as simply put: THESE THREE ADD NOTHING TO THE PRODUCT.

Do Not Bring In A Ton Of New People Again

Last time around, we got all these people debuting or re-debuting with TNA: Alberto El Patron, Konnan, Homicide, Angel Rose, EYFBO (Angel Ortiz and Mike Draztik), Chris Adonis, Matt Morgan, Magnus, Kevin Matthews, Reno Scum, Laredo Kid, Garza Jr, Suicide, the 3 useless onscreen people I named above, ODB (I will accept if you don't count her), Rebel, Kongo Kong and a bunch of nameless/faceless Knockouts who may or may not be sticking around (Please stay Santana Garrett). That's TWENTY ONE NEW PEOPLE (And I might've forgotten a few too) which combined are roughly 10 new acts on the roster here full time going forward and now we just need to see them used consistently. Bringing in more new acts will lead to these acts getting lost in the shuffle or being shuttled back down the card (whether they deserve it or not) and it will jumble things in a hurry. Bringing in a Dezmond Xavier or a Wade Barrett is fine of course (even with the Veterans of War tag team) but we can't have a repeat of last time and just spend the whole tapings establishing new people again.

Make EC3 a Heel Again

This long arc of a story TNA has been telling with EC3 has had some missteps along the way but its been a nice long winding road to get us back to the EC3 that only Will loved at the NYC tapings in 2014 to the point Jeremy Borash told the crowd I was a member of the Carter Family. Babyface EC3 has had his nuts cut off and we need to get him back to the undefeatable asshole prick that EC3 excelled at being. It'll make a rematch with El Patron much better because it isn't a face vs. face match, it will lead to a shockingly fresh James Storm vs. EC3 feud (I don't think they have interacted at all in years) and could lead to an interesting dynamic of EC3 and maybe Lashley teaming up to destroy the company that was taken away from EC3's family who had built the company in his eyes. Simply put babyface EC3 needs to go and we need the heel EC3 to come back in the worse way.

Don't Job Out The Original Roster To The New Guys The Whole Time Again

Last time around, it was a necessary evil to have the guys in TNA for the past couple of years put over the new guys to establish the new talent as forces to be reckoned with. But now we can't repeat that to such a one sided degree otherwise you might have a civil war in the locker room because between the terrible #MakeTNAGreatAgain campaign that I have let it be known pissed me off and then having the new guys dominate the old guard twice in a row will lead to resentment  and issues boiling over that was held in check at the last set of tapings (Albeit almost barely with E-LI DRAKE rightfully confronting Jarrett about this exact issue at the last tapings) which could legitimately lead to low morale in the locker room.

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