02 April 2017

Don't Forget About Those Who Made TNA Great In Your Absence Jeff

Disclaimer: This time around I will be discussing the inevitability of having the TNA wrestlers from the 2013-2016 era having to put over the New Guys Coming into the Promotion in March 2017 and why its ok (For Now), The confusing We Like Braxton Sutter but we don't really like Brandon Sutter Push, What a ROH Buyout By WWE would do for Impact Wrestling and Karen Jarrett can add to Impact Wrestling.

What Karen Jarrett Adds To Impact Wrestling

Karen is such a positive addition to the product because she ................................................. uh I don't have the answer to this yet so lets move on and I will double back to this when I have the answer.

You Can't Debut New People By Jobbing Them Out Immediately

There has been a bit of an outcry over so many of the TNA guys pre-2017 jobbing to the new faces coming into the promotion and its a bit misguided in my humble opinion. In a perfect world, Impact would've debuted a bunch of new people at these tapings and have them work enhancement matches against local nobodies. Unfortunately we don't live in a perfect world and Impact doesn't really have the means or the TV audience to have matches featuring new guys against nobodies which means that the new talents have matches against the old guard of TNA yesteryear. We got the Laredo Kid and Garza Jr. defeating E-LI Drake and Tyrus which while annoying because E-LI Drake should be fighting the likes of Lashley, EC3 and Alberto El Patron, it sets up the young Mexican tag team as a force to be reckoned with and starts the process in getting Drake as far away from the useless sack of crap that is Tyrus so its a win/win despite E-LI doing the job. We got the new LAX who might just leave this taping cycle when all is said and done as the hottest babyface/heel act in the promotion what with destroying Decay (with the LAX girl absolutely lambasting Rosemary into another universe) in their debut and setting in motion the break up of the horrifically booked DCC (seriously Storm, Bram and Kingston who I hope stays would add a lot of depth to upper midcard by being solo acts all of them). Same can be said for Reno Scum who has beaten both The Decay and the DCC as well upon debuting albeit with far less Impact because LAX and Garza Jr has out impressed them. In just 3 weeks, we have a suddenly burgeoning Impact tag team division that hasn't existed since The Wolves, The Hardys, Team 3D and others were in TNA back in 2014. Sure we had Fallah Bahh and two other new guys job in their debut match but they jobbed to Garza Jr and Laredo Kid who has already won over the Impact audience so they needed to keep their momentum going and Shera who is needed for India Money reasons.

With all that said, this type of domination by the new talent over the existing guard can't continue to be so one sided at the next tapings because that's doing a disservice to the guys and gals who had been there killing their bodies for TNA during the 2013 to 2016 era. A fact that E-LI Drake might've brought up to Jarrett before the March tapings concluded backstage and he is 100% right to do so just to remind Jeff that this can not continue. When so many talents debut or re-debut at once, they need to be brought in strong otherwise they wind up as jobbers or no name jobbers who don't matter BUT come the April tapings that really can't continue otherwise you might wind up with a locker room civil war between the old guard and the new guys which will lead to the monthly "TNA low morale stories" being legit for once.

What Karen Jarrett Adds To Impact Wrestling

Karen is such a positive addition to the product because she ................................................. ah shit I still got nothing, lets move on.

We Like Braxton Sutter, We Don't Like Braxton Sutter, We Like Braxton Sutter, We Don't Like Braxton Sutter Etc.

I just don't get it, I really don't. The guy is a good mechanic as Stone Cold Steve Austin would say in that he looks impressive, isn't going to have a bad match in the ring (They might veer toward boring though) and can be used to make other people worth pushing look good. Yet he found himself as a key person in a 5 month (I think it was that long) storyline arc with Maria, Mike Bennett, Laurel Van Ness (who is absolutely killing it with her drunk, depressed crazy bitch character post getting stood up at the altar) and the adorable Allie. Given his big role in that, you'd think Impact would've had big plans for him and yet his post wedding angle is being the guy in an X-Division spotfest having no idea what to do and just throwing punches that aren't even super. Push him to make all that TV time devoted to him worth it in a division that isn't the X Division or make him a jobber who never ever wastes our time with mic work or backstage vignettes ever again. Oh and give his mucho talented wife a push in the Knockouts Division as Cherry Bomb as soon as possible please.

What Karen Jarrett Adds To Impact Wrestling

Karen is such a positive addition to the product because she ................................................. uh I still got nothing but I will have an answer for the positives of Karen Jarrett before this blog ends I promise.

ROH Going Away Does Nothing Good For TNA

Outside of some vindication for TNA fans against the dozens and dozens of ROH-Bots who gleefully awaited to see TNA die, this would be an awful thing for wrestling and TNA if ROH goes away. Its not going to automatically make NJPW join up with TNA and not have its stars be put over TNA stars all the time, its not going to automatically mean the talents who'd stick around ROH at the hopes of getting noticed by WWE to cross the line and join TNA, it doesn't mean Evolve/AIW/PWG etc. will want to partner up with TNA now ROH is over. It sure doesn't mean the ROH fans will cross the line and become TNA fans again. Maybe we get Bad Influence back and a few others, but that doesn't really make ROH disappearing forever a good thing for TNA or anybody else for that matter. All it does is give WWE an even bigger monopoly on this sport and that's something we do not want nor do we need.

What Karen Jarrett Adds To Impact Wrestling

Karen is such a positive addition to the product because she ................................................. ah hell, I can't even come up with bullshit reasons why she is good for Impact (I am a failure as a TNA fanboy I know) but this lady is a useless waste of space and TV time every time she appears on camera. Her, Dutch Mantel and Bruce Pritchard are so needless and a waste of money that it boggles my mind that Impact is wasting money on not one useless waste of TV time but 3 useless wastes of TV time. Hopefully at the next taping cycle the powers that be realize this and Karen Jarrett doesn't see the light of TV again cause she adds NOTHING to the Impact product.

Just To End On a Positive Note

The new LAX is friggin amazing man. Konnan cutting awesome batshit crazy promos, Homicide being the right hand man who can lay a guy out at any notice, EYFBO being a kickass tag team with a sick finisher and oh my god Diamante aka Angel Rose being an utter badass you simply do not want to ever fuck with. Lets hope they are here to stay in TNA for a long time.

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