17 March 2017

TrailBlazin' Top 5 - Mar 16, 2017

Riding off the momentum of last week's historic show, Impact advertised a solid show on social media over the past few days. Social media activity and continuing storylines off of TV is one way to do it, and I think it works for Impact. With that said, here we go!

#5 - Cody & Rosemary detour us

I was kind of interested in seeing Brandi vs. Quinn just to see if it would be a train wreck, but Cody saved us. What a great heel he is! And better yet, Rosemary made use of the new Knockout and disposed of her real quick. I love Rosemary's character and can't wait to see where she can go as champion. Side note - I've finally watched two of the three matches between Red and Blue. Looking forward to watching their last encounter, although I'm rather sad to see Jade gone from the company. Glad I can say I saw her work Slammiversary 2015.

#4 - Short, sweet & to the point

Sienna's promo was awesome! Booking her in that spot was a good call after she picked up a win last week. It's the simple things that leave me looking forward to seeing what's next for her, Allie, and Laurel. It's a strong storyline for the Knockouts division, which I'm all for. However, I also want to know who will step up to challenge Rosemary?

#3 - X-Division - 2 weeks in a row!

Suicide is back! Just seeing the character gives me old X-Division nostalgia. While these matches usually do bring the most excitement and action, I wish we could move away from random multi-man title matches. Build storylines and rivalries for the title! That's how you can make this division meaningful. Everett had a crazy shooting star press on to the guard rail, and he's very lucky he got up. Those are getting scary, especially after the incident in ROH over the weekend. Suicide had some really nice spots that made this match feel like the X-Div of old, and I look forward to seeing more of him. Lee retaining was the right call as the distraction on Sutter worked well.

#2 - Si vs. 3

Surprise! It wasn't the main event like I assumed it would be, but I liked the eventual ending we had much better. EC3 yelling "this is my house" was perfect, as Ethan really has grown to be a face of the company as long as I've been watching. Ethan seemed like the heel at different times, and that's perfectly okay as he should be acting heel-ish. He's the top guy and Alberto comes in to try and sweep the World Title; it makes perfect sense. So Alberto goes on to win this - not that it was too surprising - but he made EC3 submit for the first time ever! That's pretty telling. Also, El Patron calls this one of his best matches? Honestly... he could be right.

#1 - Tag Teams get us talking

It was nice to see Decay and the new teams involved here as we look to crown new champions. And then shots were fired! I haven't watched TNA long enough to see the original LAX, but I could tell this was very important. The crowd reacted wonderfully and left me in awe as Decay, especially Rosemary, was left buried under flags. Two weeks can't come soon enough!


Impact pulled off another strong episode for this new era. Like last week, nearly every division was well-represented, while leaving us a feeling of wanting to come back and see what's next for the characters and stories. The excitement continues for me!

What did you think of the show? Be sure to sound off below, and as always, feel free to ask questions!

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