17 December 2016

Make Your Picks: The Best of TNA 2016

It's been quite an interesting year in TNA, on-screen and off, and with the conclusion of this week's Total Non-stop Deletion, it's time for you to share your picks for this year's best of awards.  We ask that you thoughtfully make your picks because we will tally all picks for our official year-end TNAMecca Best of TNA awards.  The categories have been selected by TNAMecca and have been listed below for your use. Simply copy and paste the list of categories into our comments section below, where you will post your picks. The deadline to make your picks is December 31st. Please note, this thread is strictly for the posting of your picks as well as any discussion regarding this topic.  Any and all other discussion needs to take place in CHAT.  We thank you in advance for your cooperation.

 The Best of TNA 2016 Awards
*Please make only one pick for each category.

- MVP of the Year
- Newcomer of the Year ( must have debuted on or after January 1st, 2016 )
- Match of the Year
- The Comeback of the Year
- X Division Star of the Year
- The 'Holy Shit' Moment of the Year
- Wrestler of the Year
- Best Feud or Rivalry
- The Unsung Hero of TNA
- The Story of the Year
- International Star of the Year
- Most Memorable Moment of the Year
- Best Character
- Knockout of the Year
- Best Segment
- The Rising Star
- Tag Team of the Year
- Best Heel
- The Mr. TNA Award

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