08 October 2016

TrailBlazin' Top 5 - Oct 6, 2016

TNA did a fantastic job with their two live pay-per-views this year and I wanted to take this opportunity to state that again. Despite all the rumors and the negative vibes being spread around the internet, the company and its performers rose to the occasion and put on a successful Bound For Glory. I can't necessarily say the same thing for this aftermath episode...

#5 - Champions make their case

It took me a few minutes to realize what all was going on with Lashley, Aron Rex, and then Gail Kim in the ring at the same time. I ended up enjoying this fun segment with all the TNA champions stating why their division is the best. This was the perfect was to kick off the post-BFG show as a way to recap all of the key matches instead of just one.

#4 - Cody & Brandi arrive

It's still surreal to see Cody and Brandi Rhodes standing in the six-sided ring in 2016. I can't think of a better feud for them than the one with Mike Bennett and Maria. I'm glad they aren't wasting any time as Cody's has a limited schedule. The mic work has been great, now let's see what these guys can do in the ring next week!

#3 - Cage match chaos

I wanted to be excited about this, but something held me back. I think because 'Delete or Decay' and 'The Great War' were big deals with weeks of build, this random cage match made those previous matches feel less special. At least, I think they should've held off a week or two on having this take place. Nevertheless, the action was fast and brutal as usual. It sucks that the stream messed up on the original airing, but Pop did right by posting the full match online. I wonder what's next for this historic feud. Is one more match on the horizon or do The Hardy's move on completely?

#2 - Team X Gold

Who knows what this new concept will bring. I enjoyed this first match with the dynamic team of DJ Z, Mandrews, and Braxton Sutter flying around to steal the win from Trevor Lee, Andrew Everett, and Marshe Rockett. Is this supposed to be strictly an X-Division feature or is it open to everyone? Hopefully that question is answered by next week because it's a bit confusing. If nothing else, this concept allows people like Mandrews and Rockett to get TV time.

#1 - AND NEW

Was this TNA's Most Shocking Moment of the Year? I've read a lot of opinions on it, so here's mine. "Holy crap, what even, how is this possible, YAY!" is what I have to say to Eddie Edwards capturing his first TNA World Championship. "Uh, why did they ruin months of build?" is what I have to say to Lashley randomly losing the title. It was a great moment, but it was slightly ruined by the thought of Lashley's historic reign coming to a halt. Hopefully there's a bigger picture that we don't see yet. Congrats, Eddie!


I still have mixed feelings about this episode. I really don't like it when TNA books random title matches just because. The Knockouts and Impact Grand Title matches did not impress me at all. This show had a big "thrown-together" feeling. Hopefully next week will improve?

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