29 September 2016

TrailBlazin' Top 5 - Sep 29, 2016

Road to Glory was a fitting title for the latest episode. As you may have noticed in the live discussion, I complained about the Bound For Glory logo being plastered on the tron and screens because, well, this wasn't BFG! Maybe - just maybe - the arena will look a little different on Sunday? With that, here's the latest Top 5:

#5 - Laurel Van Ness impresses

The general consensus from the live discussion was that Laurel Van Ness had a decent outing against veteran Madison Rayne on this week's show. I was intrigued when the match was announced on social media, and it's safe to say they delivered. I honestly feared Laurel would be like Rebel or Raquel, but she actually has a total package put together. Props to her. The curb stomp was also a nice finishing touch.

#4 - Galloway/Rex confrontation

I was pleased this BFG match had a promo segment tonight to add some final build. Both Aron Rex and Drew Galloway are good talkers, so I knew we were in for a treat. The verbal shots had me laughing a few times. As we could expect, a brawl broke out and Drew came out on top with a stunning piledriver. I really hope Galloway is good to go on Sunday because this bout is one I'm certainly looking forward to.

#3 - X-Division Title Match

Seeing two babyfaces collide in an X-Division Championship match was a nice change of pace. DJ Z and Eddie Edwards both have had a tremendous year in the ring by capturing the X-Division Title and having big matches against World Champion Lashley. The in-ring action was fast-paced and exciting bell to bell. The ending kind of came out of nowhere to me, but it worked. Trevor Lee and Andrew Everett running out afterwards makes me wonder what the plan is for BFG. Hopefully we find out before the show! I hate that the X-Division Title match is always one of the last things to be figured out or announced.

#2 - The war continues 

How awesome was that video package that TNA put together for Decay vs. The Hardys?! The entire feud has been phenomenal and I am so excited to see it all culminate in the Great War. Booking Reby vs. Rosemary was a nice touch for the go-home show as they have played a big part in the storyline too. The bout ending in DQ wasn't surprising at all. The fighting that took place after the women's match was also really entertaining, hyping us all up even more for Sunday.

#1 - Lethal Lockdown

I always have mixed feelings about Lethal Lockdown matches because sometimes they bore me. (I know, what a weird fan I am.) This particular one felt really special to me. It's no secret TNA has struggled. 2016, though, has made us die-hard fans very proud. The product has been straight fire all year long. Not only that, but both PPVs have been built up really nicely. What I'm getting at is this Lethal Lockdown was a culmination of 4/5 of the major storylines that have developed for BFG. How cool is that? 

As for the match... I was slightly disappointed Gail and Maria didn't actually get in, but I should've saw that coming. Everyone worked really hard inside the structure. Moose was one guy who stood out. I wondered how the finish would play out, and I thought it was smart to have Lashley make EC3 pass out before their big encounter. No Holds Barred is a perfect stipulation for the BFG main event.


What a night! TNA booked a very strong go-home show to sell their big show. We should look past all the rumors and drama and focus on our favorite guys and gals putting on another great pay-per-view. I wish them the best of luck this weekend!

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