23 September 2016

TrailBlazin' Top 5 - Sep 22, 2016

Bound For Glory is how many days away?! I guess I didn't realize we were so close already. The card is coming together quite nicely. The build continued this week, so continue reading for my full analysis!

#5 - Fun main event

The main event of this week's Impact featured a typical tag team match between rivals that usually happens before a PPV in any promotion. EC3 and Moose were a fun duo to watch as Mike Bennett and Lashley tried to cooperate after their brief history as rivals. I have to say my favorite part was seeing Moose run around hitting moves like he was the size of Eddie Edwards. I think we're in for a treat at BFG with these four men in top matches. EC3 picking up the win somewhat surprised me, as I felt the heels were going to steal this one. 

#4 - Galloway outlasts Edwards

I was a huge fan of this week's show cutting right to the chase and kicking things off with an Impact Grand Championship semi-final match. Drew Galloway and Eddie Edwards could've main-evented the show with this bout they put on. The result certainly didn't surprise me, but I enjoyed this being left up to the judges to decide after the thrilling third round. Galloway vs. Aron Rex was sure to be a key match at BFG before this title was introduced, so I'm glad to see the two correspond.

#3 - X-Division action

I was beginning to wonder if we were ever going to see the new X-Division Champion DJ Z in action when TNA announced he would defend the title against Trevor Lee. I'm all for fighting champions and such, but having this be a title match really wasn't necessary. We simply could've had a singles match! DJ Z retaining obviously was the right choice, and I was a little puzzled when Edwards came out to ask for a title match after just losing to Galloway earlier in the night. The whole situation involving DJ Z, Edwards, Lee, and Andrew Everett is a bit similar to Slammiversary... So I'm left wondering what TNA's plans are for the X-Division at BFG.

#2 - Maria roasts Allie every chance she gets

This may sound darker than I intend it to, but I think I enjoyed Maria roasting and belittling Allie every time they spoke to each other. Like the deal with The Broken Hardy's, I've finally gotten past Allie's annoyance and am really enjoying her time on screen. Who would've thought Maria would be Knockouts Champion this year? Her "matches" were I guess fun for what they were. As soon as I saw the mystery ninja with no face, I knew it was Gail Kim and I'm pleased they did that, as corny as it was.

#1 - Decay & The Hardy's go at it again

Some may think these segments are getting repetitive, but I sure am enjoying all the interaction we get between Decay and The Hardy's. This one had a little bit of a different pace since Decay started it, allowing Matt and Jeff to eventually interrupt. My favorite part, which actually had me cheering out loud, was when Reby attacked Rosemary and all hell broke lose. The Great War is going to be, well, great!


This week's show was certainly enjoyable from beginning to end. All the right people were featured and every division had some sort of spotlight as they are 'bound for glory' in just over a week. And for those wondering why I didn't include Cody Rhodes... well he's just too good for this list. All joking aside, I'm very excited to see him in TNA after EC3, Galloway, and now Rex have re-invented themselves here.

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