15 September 2016

TrailBlazin' Top 5 - Sep 15, 2016

As you may know by now, I was lucky enough to attend a night of Impact tapings last month when I was on vacation in Orlando. After a few weeks of waiting, a good chunk of what I was able to see in person aired on this week's show! So you'll hear me give my personal analysis of what I saw then as well as how it plays in to the road to Bound For Glory.

#5 - Lashley/Moose

Well we thought we were gonna see the inevitable Lashley vs. Moose match, but it got put on hold once again. We really should've seen this coming considering both men are currently involved in feuds with the two guys that ended up joining the cool brawl. It was pleasing to see EC3 make his comeback and clear the ring of Lashley and Mike Bennett with Moose, who is now one of the most over stars in the Impact zone, helping out. These segments were very entertaining to witness live.

#4 - Empty Arena Match

Obviously this was the only thing on the show that I didn't see. Additionally, this was the very first empty arena match I've ever watched on TV in the five years I've been a wrestling fan. Spud and Sutter made good use of the empty arena, but I thought it was a tad bit short. I was also surprised that Sutter went over, despite the fact that Spud has been the one to initiate most of the conflict. It's cool that TNA is doing stuff like this because we don't know the result.

#3 - Aron Rex makes in-ring debut

I was kind of surprised that Aron Rex was just now making his in-ring debut after he's been making appearances for weeks. He had a fine outing against Trevor Lee in the first Impact Grand Championship tournament match that aired this week. It seemed awkward at times, but we have to consider the fact that this was Aron's first time in the six-sided ring since leaving WWE. I was also happy to see Trevor Lee included in this tournament even though it was clear he would go under.

#2 - Maria's plan... isn't quite working anymore

Before the Knockouts Title shake-up occurred, I was rather bored with the Knockouts Division due to the fact that Gail Kim was clearly getting a title match at BFG one way or another. The two title changes made things interesting for me, and now we will finally see Maria defend the title against Gail this year. Maria has been great this year on Impact, holding my attention from the beginning to end of all her promos. Dixie continues to ruin Maria's chances of getting 100% of what she wants, which makes for entertaining TV every week.

#1 - Eddie Edwards vs. Mahabali Shera

I can already hear some of the complaints before I even hit publish. Hear me out. There wasn't really anything 'spectacular' that occurred at the set of tapings I attended. Honestly, this particular match was one of the best from that night. It was the second time I've ever seen Eddie Edwards wrestle (and it was the first of two times I saw him that night alone). I felt that Eddie's performance in this match made all the difference for me. I was invested! Plus, Mahabali Shera had a good showing here. I seriously thought it was one of his better TNA matches we've seen, and maybe it was because of his opponent. Eddie advancing was obviously the right call.


I was somewhat bored watching parts of this show on TV because it was a repeat for me. I did spot myself on screen, which is always nice. This week's show wasn't as eventful as the past few episodes, so hopefully that changes next week. Until then, take care and feel free to drop a comment below!

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