01 September 2016

TrailBlazin' Top 5 - Sep 1, 2016

What a night that was! Three title matches, two new champions, Delete or Decay, MOOSE, Galloway/Rex... the list goes on. Let's break down the excitement, shall we?

#5 - EC3's momentum continues

A very simple, but likable part from this week's show was EC3 scoring a singles win over Eli Drake. We saw the two clash several weeks ago, and I think I enjoyed that match more honestly. Regardless, this was a great way for EC3 to continue his momentum as he prepares for a huge World Title match next month. Plus, it keeps Eli Drake's name relevant, which is always a good thing.

#4 - As The Moose Turns

I wasn't a huge fan of the actual match between Lashley and The Miracle for a couple small reasons. One, we all knew Lashley was walking away with the win somehow. Two, Maria kept interfering, which was more of a negative distraction to me. And lastly, I was anticipating Moose's official turn on Bennett more than the match. Now that it's finally happened... yay! Moose felt like a babyface from the minute he walked in and the crowd was behind him. This sets up a perfect match between Moose and Bennett for BFG.

#3 - Reby vs. Rosemary

Kudos to TNA and The Hardy's for making me a fan of their work finally... it just took some time. The segments filmed at Matt's house were spot on this week. I loved every minute of the segments with Reby and Rosemary especially. The match between Matt and Steve, however, wasn't spectacular. (Fun fact - I actually saw that match in person at the tapings I attended.) I can say that I'm stoked to see we are getting 'Delete or Decay' next week, even though there's hardly been any promotion for it.

#2 - Maria's takeover is complete

In a move that was both predictable and unpredictable, Maria took the Knockouts Championship from Allie. Not only does she have control of the division, but now Maria is at *the* very top. Going forward, it's easy to guess Maria will be forced to face Gail Kim one way or another finally. This particular segment was very enjoyable. Allie is so annoying but lovable all at the same time. And Maria's b*tchiness, for lack of better words, was spot on here. I shake my head and applaud. Yes, it's all confusing.

#1 - DJ Z steals the show (and a title in the process)

I loved, loved, loved watching the Gauntlet Ultimate X match. I wish I could say that the X-Division will be great going forward, but I know better. At least we now have a real, stable champion that should stick around as the holder for a bit. The action was absolutely stellar beginning to end. I think Andrew Everett will be a future X-Division Champion, or at least he deserves to be. Wow, that man can fly. And what about the new champ? DJ Z has had an incredible 2016. I was slightly disappointed he stole the title to win, as opposed to actually making the climb and grabbing the belt, but it works! Congrats to 'that yung go hard!'


Again... what a night! I would call this a better show than last week's for sure. Still, we are a month out from Bound For Glory, but it feels like we've been building forever - which isn't a bad thing. Delete or Decay... Delete or Decay. Who takes the win at the Hardy Compound? Sound off below, Meccanites!

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