25 September 2016

Here Comes BFG!

Bound For Glory 2016 has had a fantastically calculated build going into this LIVE Pay-Per-View coming up on Sunday.  The card is great as most of the announced matches are very attractive.  There are several storylines which will culminate on the evening of October 2nd.  These storylines have received the proper amount of time on Impact in order to make the dedicated TNA fans feel invested and engaged in the impending outcomes.  This show should deliver the goods, despite all of the crazy (and some legitimate) rumors surrounding the company and all of the shuffling in ownership and management roles.  In the same way that the Impact episodes have continued to stay mostly consistent and high-quality, BFG should provide nearly three solid hours of entertaining professional wrestling.  I am ordering the show, despite the PPV taking place in the Impact Zone.  This was a really difficult pill for a lot of us to swallow, with the traditionally "biggest show of the year" taking place at Universal Studios Orlando.  When Slammiversary was announced for the IZ, I cringed... but I figured BFG would still be on the road.  Unfortunately, a road Pay-Per-View just isn't in the cards right now due to assumed financial restrictions.  I will accept this as a diehard fan in the short term.  If a year from now or 2 years from now, this situation remains the same, it's going to evolve into a bigger sticking point for me.  At the end of the day, the company currently needs fan support as much as possible and I am a sucker for wanting TNA to succeed.  The core TNA fan base has shown loyalty beyond the comprehension of some outside observers.  There is a synergy between the TNA wrestlers, the company's other employees, the management team, and the fans.  It is truly something unique and outstanding.  Overcoming adversity has been TNA's calling card and they will once again prove that they are Bound For Glory! 

I don't know about you guys but BFG is coming across as a very unpredictable event to me right now. The way that this Cody Rhodes development has surfaced?  Wow!  It is a big selling point for me.  It became more and more obvious that Cody was going to come in to Impact Wrestling at some point given the fact that his wife Brandi had been signed to the company.  Yet, until we saw the teaser video a few days ago and the subsequent vignette on Impact, it wasn't clear if he would show up at Bound For Glory.  While the long term relationship between TNA and Cody is still undefined, the fact that he is going to be on the PPV (and heavily featured I'd guess) despite other commitments to multiple wrestling promotions is nearly unheard of in pro wrestling today.  I'd place a heavy bet that Cody will also be at the post-BFG tapings, even though that has not been confirmed at this point.  If he is, they can tape months worth of footage with the artist formerly known as Stardust which will get more fans looking at the TNA product.  Regardless of the pettiness that the WWE is predictably showing regarding the usage of the "Rhodes" name for Cody, wrestling fans know who this man is.  So Brandi can use the Rhodes name but Cody can't?  That is ridiculous.  Hopefully there is some kind of resolution in the coming weeks regarding that issue but it's safe to say that Brandi and Cody will be presented as a married couple as that has been the case on Twitter so far on their accounts since both have been announced as working with TNA.  Maybe they'll slyly just use something along the lines of "Cody and Brandi Rhodes", implying the relationship but not technically combining the Cody and Rhodes names.  For now it looks like he will be referred to as simply Cody.  It's a slippery slope when you have a huge conglomerate like the WWE breathing down your neck and salivating over the notion of suing you at the drop of a hat over such a thing.  This amazing tweet from Cody may have also stirred up the brass in Stamford:

Bound For Glory will also feature The Great War.  This match is highly anticipated as both teams are extremely over with fans.  I believe that this feud has had the best build out of any of the other storylines we've seen in recent months on Impact.  Delete or Decay took things to another level with the cinematic masterpiece quality which followed in the footsteps of the groundbreaking original, Final Deletion.  Alright, I recognize that these events were both fairly campy and over the top, but they are attracting new fans with the unique madness of the characters involved.  This style of presentation has honestly been some of the most bizarrely addictive segments that I have witnessed in my 30 plus years of watching pro wrestling.  The success of these Hardy Compound segments, shot on-site, should be attributed to the fact that they are actually well done.  The footage is also not part of readily available spoilers from the marathon TV tapings.  Also, the performers involved have been wonderful in their roles.  Who could have ever imagined that we would have invested such interest in a groundskeeper or a drone aircraft?  Those responsible for the prosperous Broken Hardys and Decay ongoing vendetta deserve praise.  They thought outside of the box and, in turn, put the entire industry on notice.  TNA is trying different things that other promotions are not doing.  Impact Wrestling is far from perfect but I applaud them for creating unique and compelling content.  The product feels fresh and exciting.  The momentum being generated is something that any objective pro wrestling fan can get behind.  There are some items that I could list which I think should be done more effectively, but they are also doing a lot of things right and it shows. 

So who leaves Bound For Glory as TNA World Heavyweight Champion?  While there are arguments to be made for both men, I predict that EC3 will prevail and begin his third and potentially best title reign.  No doubt, Lashley has been absolutely awesome as a heel champion this year.  He is vastly improved and has been a joy to watch as he has really dominated Impact Wrestling.  However, this is the ideal moment to pass that torch to the best face on the roster.  Ethan Carter III has a huge future in TNA and having Lashley put him over, more than ever before, is the best choice.  If Lashley ended up retaining his championship I would not be upset but it just feels like Bobby has business with Moose that needs attending to.  The World Title scene is getting really good and there are so many possible scenarios that could take shape moving forward.  Another part of BFG that should provide a classic moment is the induction of Gail Kim into the TNA Hall of Fame.  To me, it will be intriguing to see who ends up inducting Gail and I'm surprised that this particular matter has yet to be addressed.  Add in the other announced matches like Bennett Vs Moose, Bound For Gold, and the Aron Rex Vs Galloway match to determine the first ever Grand Champion and this is all shaping up nicely.  I assume that an X-Division match will also be added and maybe another match and a couple surprises are in store.  I'm feeling positive about Bound For Glory and it should be a fun time for the fans.  So tell me, what are your impressions of BFG heading into Sunday?  Share your thoughts and/or predictions if you feel so inclined.  

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