05 August 2016

TrailBlazin' Top 5 - Aug 4, 2016

Impact is LIVE next week! My excitement level boosted immediately when I saw the small ad at the bottom of the screen pop up several times during this week's show. Luckily for me, I'll be traveling to Orlando for a mini-vacation next weekend, and I should be able to attend one of the taping events at Universal Studios. So there's my little blurb to start; let's dive in to this week's review!

#5 - 'Equalizer' Eddie Edwards

There was a handful of things to like, with a smaller handful of things to dislike about this week's Impact. One of the smaller happenings that pleasantly surprised me was seeing Eddie Edwards run down to the ring to take out Moose during the main event. I'm glad the commentators reminded us that Moose screwed Eddie out of winning the World Title, so he certainly had a good reason to extract his revenge. Hopefully this leads to a match between the two next week, or perhaps even at BFG.

#4 - Rosemary's story

I haven't really touched on this Rosemary/Bram storyline yet, so I thought now would be a good time to do so. I'm really not sure what to think yet. On one hand, I enjoy that TNA is taking this route of giving us a dramatic backstory to add to her character, while also including Bram. On the other, it feels like Decay is being forgotten about and they've lost their momentum as a tag team. I'll still give this time before I pass or fail it, but hopefully things pick up for a good Tag Title match at the next pay-per-view.

#3 - James Storm adds to his collection

I was honestly shocked to see James Storm beat Eli Drake to win the King of the Mountain Title. I really should've seen it coming after last week's Fact of Life segment. These two put on a really fun match. Eli Drake shouldn't lose his standing, as I believe bigger and better things may soon be on the horizon. As for Storm, I'm glad to see him thriving as a singles star again. However...

#2 - Lashley lays down a challenge

My jaw dropped even further as Lashley came marching down to the ring. We all knew what this meant. The World Heavyweight/X-Division Champion now wants a third belt for his other shoulder. We shouldn't be surprised, though. It was very enjoyable to hear Storm and Lashley go back and forth about being champion and setting up the huge main event for next week's live show. I foresee Lashley continuing his dominance, but I wouldn't put it past TNA to shock us even more by having Storm pull off the upset.

#1 - EC3 is Bound For Glory

This week's show ended on a perfect note as EC3 beat Mike Bennett to advance to the Bound For Glory main event. Rehashing their epic feud, while also involving the likes of Maria and Moose, was a nice touch. This was without doubt the match of the night. Now that we know who the challenger will be, it's time to see who the defending champion will be for the big event.


Impact was a 'middle of the road' show for me this time around. I enjoyed it more than I disliked it, I guess is what I'm trying to say. I expect things to pick up with the live show next week as we inch closer to Bound For Glory.

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