26 August 2016

TrailBlazin' Top 5 - Aug 25, 2016

Before watching Impact this week, I had read several mixed reviews from the Meccanites here. After completing my viewing of episode, I'm leaning towards the side of that was a "meh" show. With that, I guess I'll explain more below.

#5 - The Miracle's 'turning point'

While the battle royal that opened Impact wasn't exactly anything worth talking about, the closing minutes and finish of the bout was a step in the ring direction. The final three men were obviously the three most popular in the likes of Eddie Edwards, Moose, and Mike Bennett. Things got interesting when The Miracle decided to toss both Edwards and Moose over the ropes to win, earning himself a World Title match against Lashley next week. I can't say I'm really excited for the match because the outcome is quite obvious. but I am looking forward to seeing what Moose does next following the betrayal of his "master."

#4 - The crazy, broken feud begins

I was very pleased to see Decay and The Broken Hardy's share some promos last night after Matt and Jeff became number one contenders last week. The great thing about this is that we have several weeks left until Bound For Glory, meaning TNA has several opportunities to make this a must-see match. It seems inevitable that Maxel and Reby Hardy will soon join this mess. Until then, if you can't get enough of this feud, just keep your eyes glued to Twitter. I'm sure tweets will be sent back and forth.

#3 - Who's booking the X-Division? A Dummy, Yeah!

All joking aside (sorta), I thought it was cool that TNA used a Fact of Life segment to promote the crowning of a new X-Division Champion next week, as opposed to just having the match happen without any buzz going in. The promos were fun, especially from Eli Drake and Rockstar Spud. It looks very much like DJ Z will be the next champ, but I'm kind of pulling for a dark horse like Andrew Everett or Mandrews to win. 

#2 - Allie shocks the world

"Ha... what?!" - My reaction when Marti hit Allie, causing her to pin Madison Rayne for the most shocking title change of the year. I don't know what disappoints me more about this. The fact that Sienna's reign ended up being 'meh,' or the fact that Allie probably won't make it to BFG with the belt. I enjoyed the shock value of this, hence why it's ranked so high, but this honestly feels like WWE Diva booking... Congrats to Allie, though, as this is a cool moment for her career. I seriously can't believe how over she is in the Impact Zone.

#1 - Galloway shows his true colors

This week's main event was really good. It had a slower start but really picked up with some awesome, hard-hitting maneuvers. Aron Rex played his role perfectly, calling everything right down the middle. EC3 stealing the win was to be expected because he already earned the right to challenge Lashley. I like Drew, but I didn't want this to become a situation like last year where a third man entered the fray. 

Post-match, Galloway officially triggered his heel turn by beating the daylights out of Rex. Poor guy, he was just trying to help his buddies out. That's fine, I saw it coming. It easily sets up a possible match between the two at BFG. I feel like this way the most newsworthy note to take away this week.


Like I said, it was an okay show. Things seemed to get better-ish as the show progressed. Next week, we will see two title matches as someone takes home the vacant X-Division Championship, and The Miracle tackles The Destroyer for the World Title. What else is to come? I hope TNA teases more happenings on social media.

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