18 August 2016

TrailBlazin' Top 5 - Aug 18, 2016

I was about half way through this week's episode of Impact when I began thinking TNA has really done a great job at putting on entertaining shows each and every week. I watch Raw and SmackDown religiously. Things are up and down with WWE's flagship shows, in my opinion. TNA should pat themselves on the back. And with that... let's break down Impact!

#5 - Aron Rex's 'Turning Point?'

EC3 and Drew Galloway will finally go one-on-one next week after two months of going back and forth in their pursuits of the World Title. EC3's title shot at Bound For Glory now hangs in the balance, and another surprise has been added to the mix. I was genuinely surprised to see Aron Rex put himself in the middle of this, declaring he will be the special guest referee. I love that TNA isn't wasting any time with this guy, as he has earned it after years of mistreatment elsewhere. 

#4 - Laying down the law

Lashley has run rampant all over the company for the last few months. It wasn't until now that The Destroyer was put in his place. Looking back, Lashley has gotten whatever he's wanted; no questions asked. First he won the World Title at Slammiversary, then the X-Division Title, and then the KOTM Title. He's beaten everyone that's stepped in his way during that path of destruction.

The only flaw I find here is that Lashley just wanted to unify all the titles. What does that do exactly...? Anyways, Dixie and Billy finally stood their ground when Lashley disrespected his "extra" gold. It's about time! Sure, Lashley is scary. But you two are the authority figures and need to act like it! So now Lashley will be forced to defend his title against the winner of a battle royal before BFG comes around. This is good "filler" booking as the pay-per-view draws closer.

#3 - Knockouts MOTY contender?

Perhaps I was a tad bit excited while watching this; I seriously thought Gail Kim vs. Jade on this week's show may have been one of the better Knockouts matches this year. Jade has become my favorite Knockout since breaking away from The Dollhouse and proving herself. Jade took Gail to the limit, which was very fun to watch. It would be great to see these two get a pay-per-view or at least a longer match (with a clean finish) down the road.

#2 - X-Division Showcase

It may have been random, but sometimes random makes for the best moments. This X-Division four-way kept me on the edge of my seat. Nothing was really on the line besides a "possible future title shot." To those complaining about Rockstar Spud and Braxton Sutter not being X-Division guys - what else would they be doing right now? The power of positivity in me says we should be thankful they're getting ring time. DJ Z continues to steal the show and I was thrilled to see him pick up the win here.

#1 - The Broken Ascension to Hell

Who doesn't love an organized spot fest? TNA continues to score by having their main event round out my weekly column. Not only that, but how often does the tag division get to main event? This time around, we saw The Broken Hardys work together to outlast three other talented teams to solidify a title shot against Decay. It would've been nice to see the tag champs appear at the end of this match to make their presence known, but I'm sure their first face-to-face encounter will have our eyes glued to the screen. This is gonna get interesting, folks!


I enjoyed every match and segment that Impact had to offer on this episode. I failed to include Edwards vs. Moose, which was also a good match-up. Heck, Drake vs. Shera wasn't that bad either. Next week appears to be Turning Point as EC3 and Drew Galloway look to conclude their rivalry. Who will win? Will EC3's Bound For Glory main event be ruined by a third competitor for the second year in a row?

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