11 August 2016

TrailBlazin' Top 5 - Aug 11, 2016

Impact Live absolutely lived up to the hype this week. So many storylines were continued and created within the two hour time slot. The road to Bound For Glory has officially begun... even though I've said that sentence every week since the Impact after Slammiversary. I can't contain my thoughts anymore, so let's break it down!

#5 - Battles set for next week

One of the things that I enjoyed very much about this week's show was that we have three, possibly even four, big match-ups already set for next Thursday. We will see what promises to be an epic tag team ladder match to determine Decay's next challengers. Jade and Gail Kim will clash once again as Gail continues her Knockouts Championship quest. Eddie Edwards and Moose will finally meet one-on-one. And lastly, Drew Galloway has challenged EC3 to a number one contenders match for the World Title. All bouts could very well have BFG implications, which is why I'm so excited.

#4 - Crazy against crazy?

I really haven't had anything nice to say about the "Broken" Matt Hardy and Brother Nero storyline since Slammiversary, or perhaps Final Deletion. I just don't find it funny, when it has been to some fans, or even remotely entertaining. I found it to be annoying; to the point that I would mute the TV when Brother Nero made his entrance. Anyways, this week's segment/match with The Hardy Boys beating The Tribunal and actually seriously turning their focus to the TNA Tag Titles has made me the slightest bit intrigued. The idea of having these broken brothers challenge the crazy Decay at BFG  is brilliant.

#3 - EC3 & Edwards unite; Moose is confused?

The opening tag team match was a great way to kick things off this week. EC3 and Eddie Edwards made a great pairing and held their own so well against Bennett and Moose that someone who hasn't watched before could've been convinced that they were actually a tag team. Moose & Miracle scoring the win somewhat surprised me, but at least EC3 wasn't the one being pinned. What also caught my attention was the fact that Miracle stole the pin from Moose. Moose hasn't screamed heel to me since the minute he walked in, so I wouldn't be shocked if he turns on Bennett real soon to set up a possible match at BFG.

#2 - Lashley wins it all

In a somewhat-not-so-surprising turn of events, Lashley beat James Storm to win all the gold: the TNA World Heavyweight, X-Division, and King of the Mountain Titles. TNA did a fantastic job of hyping Storm throughout the show with the video packages on his career. Lashley has been at the top for a few months, but now he's somehow even further up there. Their match was really fun to watch, especially the final minutes with the crazy nearfalls and counters that had me jumping out of my seat a few times. 

Let me put it this way - I'm surprised that I'm not disappointed by Lashley stealing all the titles. Does that make sense? It's been fun to watch, really. The Destroyer has been phenomenal with all his opponents in recent memory. The big question now is, how will Bound For Glory unfold? Will he still have all three belts? Who will his challengers be?

#1 - Aron Rex has arrived

Had James Storm shocked the world, I would've bumped the main event up to this slot. However... Aron-freaking-Rex made a huge impact! (Yes, pun intended?) I knew his promo skills were good, but I don't think I knew they were that dang good. Aron blew me away, and I'm so glad the crowd was into it as well. I watched all of Damien Sandow's career in WWE. In fact, I was at Survivor Series 2014 where he won the WWE Tag Team Championship, and boy was that one of the loudest pops I've experienced in person. It appears Rex already has his eyes set on Lashley, which was the perfect way to end Impact.


What a night! Writing this has made me appreciate the show even more. I hope TNA can continue doing these monthly live episodes, as I feel it really makes up for the lack of real pay-per-views. Like I said, next week's show is already must-see, so I can't wait to see what transpires. Feel free to sound off below with your thoughts!

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