21 August 2016

TNA Presents Aron Rex: You're Welcome

When was the last time that Impact Wrestling featured a LIVE episode with such a fantastic debut promo from a highly anticipated new wrestler?  I can't think of it off the top of my head but I'd venture to say multiple years?  I don't know, you tell me.  The overall situation and surrounding circumstances with this particular first appearance in TNA were fairly unique as it wasn't a surprise to anyone who follows pro wrestling in the slightest degree online.  And that's OK.  We didn't need another BIG SURPRISE.  I think it was a savvy move from TNA Management to leak Aron's introductory arrival to some major media outlets (such as Rolling Stone, Yahoo, Forbes, etc.) and the entire Internet wrestling community.  Put it out there, why not?  Getting new eyes on the show is  good thing and letting them know that a fan favorite is coming to TNA was smart.  The fulfillment of an exciting sneak preview we'd been given made the night complete.  We didn't know what his actual name in Impact Wrestling would be beforehand, but we did know that the man that played Damien Sandow was signed and ready to deliver things in "his way".  Boy, did he ever.  It was amazing work from Aron.  The Impact Zone was energized and transformed in a way that I haven't witnessed in a long, long time.  Those old "TNA! TNA! TNA!" chants were strong.  This man has a gift that allows him to really connect with the live audience in person and also to the fan watching at home.  This debut was just as effective as anyone could have hoped it would be.

So now he has jumped right into the fire as the main event scene now includes Aron Rex.  Him coming out on the ramp to end the show on that same episode to stare down Lashley served as a little preview of things to come.  Then on the most recent Impact, Lashley walked on by backstage and stared Rex down again.  To be honest, I never really pictured Damien Sandow as legit World Heavyweight Champion material.  Some of that line of thinking emanates from seeing the character that he portrayed.  Although, if you read between the lines of that initial shoot-style promo, you can assume that the bigger part of why he was held back was because the decision makers in the WWE would never let someone like him rise to the top of the company.  He simply wasn't one of Triple H's boys, which seemingly counts for a lot in that organization that I have little interest in wasting time on.  In their collective opinion, he was "too entertaining" to be considered for the top spot in their corporation.  That was a different time and a different place and this is now a different wrestler.  Aron Rex is a different animal than the WWE allowed him to be, and a new and improved one at that.  They couldn't suppress his promo skills and his ability to work a match but he was harnessed with a somewhat silly and limited character that he really made the most of.  The true person that played Damien Sandow is a straight shooter and the genuine article.  There are sincere emotions and an infectious enthusiasm when he takes the mic, and he's just getting started.        

There was a lot of speculation in regards to who his first feud could possibly be with.  Some of us thought that getting into a program with Eli Drake would be a natural fit, and that probable feud and/or alliance is still dripping with potential but it will all come in due time my friends.  Aron needs to establish himself and stand on his own two feet for a while.  I really like the decision to have him initially get involved with the EC3/Galloway feud.  I don't know about anyone else (actually I do but I'm being a sarcastic bastard), but I wasn't really looking forward to Drew Galloway getting another shot to be in a World Heavyweight Title match and fighting EC3 again in the process.  Now you throw Aron Rex in the mix as the special guest referee (as he delivered another quality, yet shorter promo) and I am truly excited to see how it all plays out now.  Logic would say that he will end up focusing on either EC3 or Galloway heading into BFG and either way, the fans win.  Aron Rex being in TNA allows a fresh, new vibe to be infused into the product and he is going to elevate things moving forward in multiple facets.  Keep in mind that more free agents will see the success and happiness that Aron is experiencing.  Maybe some of those coveted free agents will want to come to TNA also after seeing an example of how things changed for the better for their friend?  Just sayin', sometimes one thing leads to another.  The future of Impact Wrestling has become brighter thanks to Aron Rex.  As he likes to say, you're welcome. 

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