17 August 2016

This is now Billy Corgan's Impact Wrestling

Billy Corgan was named, this week, the new President of Impact Ventures.  For those wondering, what is Impact Ventures, well, from what I understand, Impact Ventures replaced Panda Energy as majority owner and is currently the parent company of its flagship broadcast, Impact Wrestling.  Now you're probably also wondering where the name TNA fits in, well, that remains to be seen but from what I gather, for the time being, TNA is an affiliate of Impact Ventures that presumably focuses on all non-Impact Wrestling programming, such as Xplosion and PPVs, as well as other divisions, such as merchandise and the tape library.  I imagine this is the reason why the company will not completely phase out the TNA name but I think they made it quite clear this week that the company is now Impact Ventures, not TNA, and we'll most likely see more evidence of that in the coming weeks and months.

When Billy Corgan was brought in last year as a member of the Creative team, I was pretty excited but my hope was that Dixie Carter would eventually allow him the opportunity to run the show.  I felt that his creativity, combined with a fresh perspective, needed to be effectively used as part of a broad initiative to invigorate what I felt at the time was a stale product.  So the fact that Billy Corgan's responsibilities now include leading the day-to-day operations for Impact excites me very much.

As President of Impact, he can now lay out his vision for Impact Wrestling and based on his history, I fully expect Corgan to shift the very foundation that is pro wrestling today and transform the genre in a way only he can.  Billy has so often shown in his career a willingness to challenge the status quo and I'm sensing from him an eagerness to make his mark in the wrestling industry.  How he will achieve that goal, I don't know, but it's important to understand this about the man: his creativity, as well as his willingness to use it, is boundless, as is his audacity.  Corgan will take risks creatively if he truly believes it's worth the reward.  He may take risks anyway because he doesn't "necessarily believe that the sting of failure is a bad thing. It gives you a certain amount of freedom to just say 'fuck it'." 

If that concerns you, it shouldn't simply because Corgan has a deep respect for pro wrestling history so I believe that that respect, as well as his vast knowledge of the genre, will serve as the template for his plans for Impact Wrestling.  But I also believe that Corgan will undoubtedly challenge us and our own wrestling ideology.  He will force us to step out of our comfort zone as wrestling fans in order to properly take in his vision, and to me, that's a good thing.

It's an exciting time to be a fan, folks, because this is now Billy Corgan's Impact Wrestling.  And I, for one, can't wait to see what he does with it.

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