10 July 2016

Why Even Call it Destination X?

So another piece of writing about the X-Division...I know...I know...there have been quite a few of these in the last few months on TNA fan sites.  I was patient and waited until now to really say something, as others have done a great job in rallying the troops and uniting the fan base in the name of the X-Division being either "revived" or "given back to us", etc.  Whatever terminology you want to use, the fact is that a vast majority of TNA fans want to see the X-Division used properly and that is still not happening right now.  TNA had a fantastic opportunity to show the fans and the entire pro wrestling industry that their promotion is once again a platform for high-flying, no limits wrestling on a LIVE edition of Destination X this Tuesday.  They currently have the attention of many new or returning fans after getting a big viewership increase for last weeks Impact.  Now, most of the card has been announced and surprise, surprise - there are only 2 total matches that have anything to do with the X-Division.  To me, this sends a clear message that TNA has no intent of rebooting the X-Division anytime in the foreseeable future.  You're telling me that they could not take one, single solitary episode of Impact and let the X-Division have the limelight?  Why not bring in other wrestlers that have the skills associated with this genre of pro wrestling even if some are there for one-offs (like in years past)?   Why not sign a couple of those wrestlers?  Most of the other storylines and feuds could have hit the pause button for 1 week and been just fine.  With the situation as presently constituted, it's difficult to not draw conclusions; TNA's actions are telling us that they don't really care much about the X-Division despite their words indicating otherwise.

Can we at least have Destination X serve as a vehicle to introduce the 2 new X-Division wrestlers that have been signed for 3 1/2 months and 2 1/2 months respectively?  Marshe Rockett has already become the subject of many polarizing debates here at TNAMecca centered around whether or not he is a good fit for the X-Division.  I'm holding off on judging this topic with Marshe until I see how he is used in TNA and what he can actually do in the ring with TNA's roster.  I have a sense of his skill set from seeing some of his prior matches on YouTube but I will not write him off before he even appears on Impact.  Now, Caleb Konley is a whole other story.  Many of us are very confident in the potential he exudes as Caleb has generated some excitement here in the comment sections.  His Impact debut is much anticipated and this is a prime example of the kind of signings that TNA should focus on.  He most likely will bring a breath of fresh air to the X-Division as he has intangibles that cannot be taught.  Konley displays a unique swagger and an engaging persona unlike anyone else in this division right now. Like I mentioned before, Destination X could have also included some one-off appearances (that possibly could've led to signings later on) from talents like Shynron, AR Fox, Low Ki and others that are not currently signed to a major promotion.  This seems very unlikely now.   Mark Andrews is starting to be used again and had an incredible spot last week in Ultimate X.  Spud and Braxton Sutter being paraded as X-Division wrestlers seems ill-fitting.  Maybe we see Tigre Uno's return?  If no debuts or returns happen on this show that will be very disappointing.   

Will TNA ever firmly commit to having more X-Division matches consistently in the future?  It is anyone's guess but it seems like a pipedream at this stage.  I'm not going to ask you to sign a petition or tweet a thematic hashtag to TNA officials, but again, I applaud those who have spearheaded such campaigns in the recent past.  I am simply reiterating this notion that it is indeed possible to have TNA return to some improved, refocused version of the X-Division that we once knew and loved.  It is attainable and it is feasible.  However, it is also extremely discouraging that they aren't even using the supposedly "X-Division centered" annual event to push this division.  It's borderline offensive to have the letter X in the name of the event if you aren't going to really feature the X-Division.  Even with all of this complexity hovering around this situation, I still get the sense that the fans are not going to give up on this.  We will keep beating this drum until they finally give us what we want.  TNA just garnered the best viewership since they moved to PopTV.  It would have been the perfect time to unleash the X-Division and restore the fans confidence.  Instead we get a six man #1 Contender Ladder Match that probably won't get the time it deserves and Eddie Edwards in a Title Vs Title match with Lashley.  Not that those matches are bad.  In fact, they should be great.  We just wanted and expected more.  Maybe there are some surprises in store but at this point, it's looking more like a regular old Impact rather than a special Destination X version.  Maybe next year this event will actually be focused on the X-Division?  If not, just change the name at least and stop pretending.      

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