06 July 2016

TrailBlazin' Top 5 - Jul 5, 2016

What a show! Following last week's "meh" episode of Impact, TNA had a major comeback this week with a great show from start to finish. It was so good, I struggled to figure out what to put where on this countdown. So with that said, let's get down to it!

#5 - EC3 & Galloway duke it out

It was fun to watch and hear EC3 and Drew Galloway passionately destroy each other all for their desire to be World Heavyweight Champion. The passion really feels refreshing for me. A match between these two has been set for next week's Destination X and it is sure to be a show-stealer. I have this feeling the story could continue past this one match, which would make for some entertaining weeks to come.

#4 - Jade tangos with revenge

I can't recall watching two Knockouts want to destroy each other so much, like we saw here, in the last few years that I've watched TNA. The action here was hard-hitting and very fun to watch. Jade was on fire from bell to bell. I'm not totally sure this program is over, but I would be satisfied if TNA decides to move on.

#3 - 'Ultimate' X-Division action is back!

Putting Mike Bennett in an Ultimate X match against the entire X-Division feels like something that should've been booked last week, but better late than never, right? This was definitely the best X-Division match since Slammiversary, if not better. Everyone did a fantastic job of reminding us why we love this division so much. Despite being irrelevant for months, I was happy to see Mandrews get a big spot. The conclusion was obviously the best part. Speaking of which...

#2 - Eddie Edwards' rise to the top

Mike Bennett tried so hard to make it to Destination X, but management was determined to prevent that from happening. Luckily for us, the company was smart and put the strap back on the man who truly deserves it, Eddie Edwards. And with great power, comes great opportunity... in the form of Option C. Lashley, of all people, decided to switch things up this year. Not only will Eddie get a shot at the World Title, but BOTH titles will be on the line! This creates several potential stories to unfold, so hopefully we are pleased in the end.

#1 - Final Deletion

The hype was real for this! Honestly, it felt like the most-talked about "positive" segment in TNA since Dixie Carter was put through a table two years ago. I hope it all paid off for them because they deserve something to go right for once.

As for the match, it was really fun to watch. I give everyone involved props for the creativity. I can see where some didn't like it, but for me, it was about the storytelling. Going into it, I said 'screw what marks think pro wrestling is supposed to be.' This was going to be different. Matt getting the win was not exactly surprising and I liked the cliffhanger feeling it gave me.


This had to have been one of the best editions of Impact this year. There was hardly anything to complain about. Next week is (finally) Destination X, but unfortunately, I'll be missing it due to vacation. I hope you all enjoy it, though! What I can announce is that the July 21st edition of the Top 5 will be a loaded one with my reactions to both Destination X and the following episode (which features Impact's move to Thursdays).

So, Meccanites, what were your thoughts on #FinalDeletion? What did you think about the rest of the episode? Are you excited for Destination X? Sound off below!

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