29 July 2016

TrailBlazin' Top 5 - Jul 28, 2016

Reflecting on the year of 2016 so far, I'm realizing that I'm really not a fan of Matt Hardy. When he was wearing his suits and toting around the TNA World Heavyweight Championship earlier this year was kind of what made me tune out for a few months. Fast-forward to this week, Matt Hardy is opening the show with his wife and some ridiculous promo or storyline. I know some of you are enjoying his work, but I can't say I am. What I was getting at here is that last week and this week's show slowly progressed into a "good" episode; meaning it started slow and rocky and ended on a high note. With that, let's break down my top five moments:

#5 - Moose impresses

Before his arrival at Destination X, I was quite skeptical of Moose would bring to TNA. This week's episode featured his in-ring debut against David Starr. I was rather pleased with his move set and am certainly anticipating his next match, whoever it may be against. I'm still not sure though that Moose being in the heel role is a good fit for him. Nevertheless, we'll see what the coming weeks bring.

#4 - Fact of Life

Eli Drake's Fact of Life segments usually make it on the Top 5 because of how entertaining they are. This week's segment, however, made it on the list because of how good the promos were from both Drake and James Storm, and for setting up a must-see King of the Mountain Championship match next week. I don't think I've really been interested in a KOTM Title match since Lashley vs. Bobby Roode at last year's BFG, honestly. Can't wait to see what Drake and Storm bring to the table.

#3 - Monster's Ball championship war

My interest in this week's show was immediately sparked when TNA started promoting this bout on social media. How long has it been since the last Monster's Ball Tag Title match? Regardless, this was very fun to watch. Decay and The BroMans have a chemistry that I never thought could exist. These four men, and Raquel, were all over the place putting on a show. In the end, Decay retained to put an end to this enjoyable feud. I must say, it was oddly satisfying to watch Crazzy Steve lick those tacks on the mat after they won...

#2 - Spontaneous Ladder match

'Spontaneous moment of the night' award goes to... Wow! This came out of nowhere. At first I was disappointed that this wasn't saved for, say, next week's show. Lashley, being the fairly confident megastar that he should be, decided to let DJ Z pick whatever match they had, so why not pick a Ladder match? These two did great in the ring together, making me invested in every move. Ultimately Lashley retained, which wasn't surprising considering he won the belt last week. Hopefully this isn't the last we see of DJ Z working his way to the X-Division Title.

#1 - BFG Playoff Semi-Finals

This is more about Galloway vs. Bennett than it is EC3 vs. Hardy, but I wanted to address some points from it still. I was a fan of how EC3 used his old, dirty tactics to beat Matt Hardy in the opening match. That's not something we see nowadays from babyfaces, considering EC3 is a unique character. I'm certainly glad that Matt is out of the tournament. As for the main event, I would crown that battle as 'match of the night.' Once again, Drew Galloway and Mike Bennett put on a show-stealer with their ring work together. Perhaps the biggest shocker was that The Miracle, with some assistance of course, actually beat The Captain. I think Moose interfering sets up a potential Moose vs. Galloway match at BFG. 


Overall, TNA put on another really good episode of Impact. All of the divisions, as well as the wrestlers that are at the forefront of those divisions, were highlighted extremely well. When was the last time that happened? Next week we will see EC3 and The Miracle clash one more time to determine who challenges Lashley at Bound For Glory. Sound off with your predictions below!

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