21 July 2016

TrailBlazin' Top 5 - Jul 21, 2016

In this week's Top 5, I (briefly) break down Destination X before diving in to the start of the Bound For Glory Playoffs and the historical Title vs. Title main event. Let's get started!

Quick Destination X Top 5 Notes...
  1. DJ Z stole the show with his performances in the Ladder Match and against Mike Bennett. I'm glad to see him getting this push as he has earned it.
  2. Lashley vs. Eddie Edwards Part I was pretty fun. The ending was quite predictable.
  3. The arrival of Moose was a somewhat pleasant surprise. Not sure he fits in the heel role, though.
  4. The 4-Way Knockouts Title match was really entertaining. Sienna retaining was necessary, although I wouldn't mind seeing Jade get it back.
  5. EC3 & Drew Galloway going to war was also fun to watch. Needless to say, the whole show was great.

#5 - Mike Bennett advances

Despite my hatred of the Matt vs. Jeff storyline at this point, I was thoroughly pleased to see Mike Bennett score the win over Jeff Hardy to advance in this tournament. Yes, Broken Matt was there to see through that Jeff didn't advance, but that didn't mean things would go according to plan. The Miracle will take on Drew Galloway next week.

#4 - EC3 vs. Eli Drake

The show finally picked up when EC3, Drew Galloway, and Eli Drake got on the mic to help recover from the Hardy drama. Bound For Glory was brought back to the focus with that segment. As for the match, I was fairly surprised by the fast-paced action even though that should've been expected. These two showed us a glimpse of what they could do with a longer match down the road. EC3 going over was the right call, although it sucks to see the King of the Mountain Champ take a loss.

#3 - Drew Galloway vs. Bram

Galloway and Bram really knocked it out of the park with their physical bout. The matches for this BFG tourney got better as the show went on. I feel like Bram is one of those underrated talents that won't make it to the main event picture for awhile, if it happens. His loss here didn't come as a surprise, although he certainly made Drew work for it.

#2 - Lashley becomes double champion

This was one heck of a match that got better the longer it went. I wasn't a fan of Lashley's one-sided dominance at first. It wasn't long before Eddie made the comeback and made us think more than once that he could pull it off. The action was phenomenal. In the end, it was Lashley that won the war and took the X-Division Championship, which is why I had this match pegged down to the second spot. Don't get me wrong, I'm a fan of Lashley, but this is not at all what the X-Division needs. Had it been the KOTM Title, I wouldn't be complaining as much. I'll wait and see where this goes before completely ripping TNA for it.

#1 - State of the Knockouts Address

One of my favorite parts of this week's show had to be the State of the Knockouts Address. Heck, just seeing Maria is enough for me. Nevertheless, Jade continues to grow on me each and every week with her promos and ring work. Her sassiness towards Maria and Marti was great in this segment. Many fans weren't happy with Gail Kim wanting another title shot, but the plot twist that saw Madison Rayne turn heel overshadowed that for me. Anything that gets my jaw to drop is worthy of making the top spot.


The show started off on a bad note. Didn't care for it at all. Luckily, everything progressed as time passed and it was decent overall. I'm very pleased to see some sort of tournament leading up to Bound For Glory. It may not be long, but it's something. Next week's matches will rehash feuds from earlier this year in Matt vs. EC3 and Galloway vs. Bennett. Hopefully we get a clearer picture as to what the BFG main event will look like.

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