07 July 2016

Give Us Some More Total Nonstop Action

I have been a pro wrestling fan since as far back as I can remember. In particular, I have been a TNA fan since 2007 right after Bound for Glory of that year. For me the most compelling aspect of wrestling has always been the in-ring action. I enjoy characters and promos as well when done right, but the actual wrestling is my favorite part. That’s why I was originally drawn to TNA because The TNA Knockouts were serious competitors and the X-Division athletes left me in awe consistently, but as time goes on things change in wrestling almost by the second. Many say TNA now contains a more character heavy roster and story driven product, which I agree with (not that it's necessarily a bad thing). The thing is I miss the days when TNA had nearly the perfect mixture of wrestling, characters, stories, and promos, but with a product slightly more reliant on the in-ring action. I am going to dive in by explaining what I hope for for each of TNA’s divisions.

For me as a fan the most important division in TNA is the X-Division due to a variety of reasons. Sadly, I feel as if this is the division that needs the most work, but luckily the fixes appear to be doable ones. The upside is that the roster for the X-Division contains top notch talents like Eddie Edwards, Mark Andrews, DJZ, etc. I really don’t think the X-Division needs highly thought out stories other than small feuds and the basic title hunt scenarios. My biggest gripe with the division has to be the quality of the matches. The guys are beyond talented, but it seems as if TNA is watering them down to a slower paced style. When the guys are putting on better work in PWG than the company they are signed to it starts to become alarming for me. As I stated these guys are highly qualified and they can certainly bring back the X-Division style every TNA fan misses, it is just up to creative to allow them to go off with no restrictions. Furthermore, I feel as if the matches need to be expanded 2 - 3 minutes longer than they are currently so the guys can showcase more of their skills. To me the roster also needs 1 or 2 more guys added to freshen things up, but I think that should not happen until the style contains no restrictions (faster pace for example), the matches get more time, and the guys we have like Mark Andrews get used more. All in all, I have to say I loved the Ultimate X match this week and the spots were unreal, it gave me flashbacks to the older days. I just hope that was a sign of things to come for the division.

The tag team division was once a vital part of the TNA product with amazing in-ring action with teams such as MCMG, Beer Money, LAX, etc. Nowadays to me it seems to be very hit or miss. I think the tag division should encompass both exciting matches and in depth compelling stories as needed. Here is another division where I think the match time needs to slightly increase. As for the roster, anyone that has known me for even a second knows I am a huge fan of The Wolves, but since Davey’s injury the quality of the division has taken a massive hit. Right now the division is made up of The Tribunal, Decay, The Bromans, and Grado/Shera. In my opinion this is the division's biggest problem, we definitely need more quality tag teams. The Tribunal is awesome in my opinion, but they would be better off without Al Snow and his whistle (no disrespect meant, Al). The Bromans are solid in the ring and have become more interesting thanks to Raquel. To me right now, Decay is the glue that is keeping the tag division relevant. Rosemary, Crazzy Steve, and Abyss are all diverse characters that are very unpredictable. Plus the current story between Decay, The Bromans, and Bram is getting more interesting by the week. Lastly, Shera and Grado just do not connect with me in any way at all, I do not care for them as a team but that's strictly my opinion. I think the tag division needs to keep up the good stories, add one or two more top notch teams, and their matches need to be longer.

The TNA Knockouts division is by far one of the parts of Impact that I look forward to the most weekly. Overall, The Knockouts division is pretty great right now due to the top of the line women wrestlers that make up the roster and the storylines have been clicking well for me as a viewer. Maria, Jade, Sienna, Allie, Gail, Rosemary, and Marti have really stepped up to the plate to make the division the best it has been in quite some time, so massive props to them. Much like the other divisions though, the TNA Knockouts matches need to be longer so the women can show off what they are truly made of. My only other suggestion would be to FINALLY let Jade use her 450 splash, that would really make the fans go crazy. I love the current roster and I’m genuinely looking forward to Chelsea Green’s debut!

When the TNA King Of The Mountain Title came into the company in June of last year I got excited because it would now give the mid carders more purpose. I think TNA needs to legitimize the KOTM division more with a definite roster. For instance, someone like Braxton Sutter would be a perfect fit for the KOTM division. The matches have been OK, I think they need more time like most of the matches in TNA’s divisions. Other than that I think it is the perfect title to help a mid carder become more prominent and even grow to take the necessary steps to becoming main event/world champ material.

Now the fun part, TNA’s heavyweight division. This World Title scene has been perfect on a weekly basis from the wrestlers in the division, to the matches, to the storylines, to the characters. It has honestly been flawless. This is what TNA should be trying to capture within each of their divisions. Great matches with deserving talent with feuds that make sense and captivate an audience weekly. I hope and know TNA will keep this up, I get more excited for the World Title scene weekly. Lashley is the best he has ever been, EC3 is god, Mike Bennett has proven everyone that he belongs, Drew Galloway is an absolute bad ass, I could go on all day about these guys. We definitely need more action like this!

I must say TNA has done a great job this year and has stepped it up on so many levels. This is just me as a fan explaining what I think they need to do in order to hit the next level. We want an X-Division where the talent is no longer held back, the guys are used more often, and the matches give the talent enough time to show off their mind blowing skills. We want each division to have more match time so the guys and girls can show off what they do best, wrestle. Lastly, I think fans also want to see better title reigns that have the champions getting more title defenses in, which further legitimizes them as worthy components on the roster. I love TNA and this week's show was one of the best wrestling shows this year. I am truly looking forward to Destination X and I hope as time progresses we can see some of these suggestions come into play. In today's world the wrestling is the part fans look forward to the most, that has been proven numerous times. I’m not saying I expect every division to get a 20 minute match weekly, I know TNA only has two hours, but it can certainly be worked on. I’m also not saying to give up on in depth stories, I am simply saying we the fans want and deserve a little more TOTAL NONSTOP ACTION.

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