29 June 2016

TrailBlazin' Top 5 - Jun 28, 2016

As we sit two weeks away from Destination X, many fans were not pleased with this week's edition of Impact Wrestling. Quite honestly, I was apart of that group. The show started out on a positive note, ended on a positive note, but everything in between wasn't fantastic. I really had to turn up my positive outlook to pump out this week's Top 5 for you readers to enjoy!

#5 - Tyrus has a new gimmick

Tyrus' new gimmick as The Fixer didn't really set well with fans. I'm going to wait and see how it goes before I completely bash it. The main thing that had me puzzled is why TNA put this monster character in what appears to be a tweener role. I mean, it could work. He's been in the company for nearly two years now and it feels like the company hasn't used him to the best of their ability yet. What this new gimmick does is provide us with possible new opportunities for his character. We'll just have to wait and see.

#4 - X-Division...

I really couldn't come up with a title for this one. Heck, TNA can't even come up with a clear direction for what's left of this division. We hold out hope and cross our fingers. It's always one step forward, two steps back. Not only that, but Billy Corgan's character is confusing and I have no idea who's side he's on anymore.

Anyways, we see a seven-man X-Division battle royal. Yeah, real thrilling. The ring work was fun to watch for what it was, which is why the bout made it on the list. Surprisingly, Eddie Edwards was eliminated early on, and Braxton Sutter went on to win. I won't get into what happened after that, because this could easily turn into Not-So-TrailBlazin' Flop 5.

#3 - Two birds with one stone

Gail Kim and Sienna clashed for the Knockouts Championship early on in the show. It was a fun bout, but of course it could been several minutes longer. What made this segment stand out to me was the fact that five Knockouts and two storylines were featured here with this segment. Jade and Marti's battles are far from over, while Sienna begins what could be a dominant reign as champion.

#2 - James Storm's Fact of Life

I love listening to  Eli Drake's Fact of Life segments. His promos are awesome as he plays a great heel persona. Also, these segments lately have been the kick start to a new feud for Drake. Considering he is the King of the Mountain Champion, and Bram is in his past, the time is right for someone new to step into the picture. Luckily for us, James Storm is available! The back and forth banter between the two was certainly entertaining. There's no doubt in my mind that we will see this match in the coming weeks.

#1 - Three-way dance delivers

The company has done a great job with the main event scene as of late. I'm a fan of all three guys involved right now because of their exceptional ring work. Luckily for us, their ring work meshed well and we witnessed a fun, hard-hitting main event. The story writes itself here. But the question is now, what's next for the World Title scene?


One thing is for sure - "The Heavyweight & Knockouts divisions are on point." You can thank Meccanite Brett for that statement. He has a point! Those divisions are on fire, while the KOTM Title practically has no division, and Tag and X-Division are barely there. Hopefully TNA gets their stuff together with the next set of tapings following Destination X.

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