21 June 2016

TrailBlazin' Top 5 - Jun 21, 2016

Hello everyone, and welcome back to TrailBlazin' Top 5! As we move further away from last week's exciting Slammiversary activities, we begin the build to Destination X, which has always been one of my favorite events. Without further ado, let's break down Impact!

#5 - Braxton Sutter vs. Rockstar Spud

No matter what company it is, I always enjoy seeing a good midcard storyline that doesn't involve a championship. TNA started a new one here with Rockstar Spud coming out of obscurity to take on newcomer Braxton Sutter. They had a fun match that saw Sutter get the win, as he should have. Afterwards, Spud low-blowed B.S. to set up a future encounter between the two. This was easily a win-win as it provided Sutter with a victory and Spud with something to do on TV.

#4 - Marti upsets Jade

As mentioned last week following their backstage brawl, I was looking forward to seeing what's to come of this feud. Their first encounter was fun. Some fans complained about the pacing, but I thought it was just fine. The way Jade marched down to the ring to get things started was the right way to set the tone here. Both worked a hard-hitting style and were tempted to be disqualified. In the end, Marti cheated to pick up the win over the former Knockouts Champ. The finish sets up a rematch that could potentially feature a gimmick. I look forward to seeing more from these ladies.

#3 - We'll have a three-way dance

The first half hour of Impact was booked perfectly. Drew Galloway is mad about last week, EC3 responds, and the World Champ interjects his opinion. That all set up a tag team that also featured King of the Mountain Champion Eli Drake. Drake was the perfect person to get involved as it put him in a "main event" position and allowed him to take the pin. Later on, Dixie Carter booked a must-see main event for next week: Lashley vs. Galloway vs. EC3 for the belt. How fun will that be? The pacing of this storyline is going well and it will be interesting to see what the World Title picture looks like ahead of Destination X.

#2 - Jeff Hardy is still crazy

The Six Sides of Steel match wasn't fantastic, but did provide a fun conclusion to the show. The best part of the match was the finish. Somehow, Jeff Hardy is still able to pull off the crazy bumps from ridiculous heights. This time, Jeff leaped from the top of the cage onto two tables and a pile of chairs. Not only were there weapons, but Matt Hardy's body was pinned between the tables and chairs! The way Jeff jumped across the ring onto Matt for the final cover also made me shake my head (in a good way, of course). I hope this is the conclusion because Jeff has won twice now. It needs to be over.

#1 - An X-Division 'Miracle?'

The most talked about news item coming out of this week's Impact was the shocking X-Division Title change that saw Mike Bennett beat Eddie Edwards. Um... WHAT?! It really does suck that Eddie's reign was only a week long. And for what? Just to make Slammiversary interesting? Yeah, that doesn't settle well with most fans. 

What also got fans buzzing was the fact that The Miracle announced Destination X will be coming up soon, and Option C will still be available. Obviously what everyone is thinking now is that Bennett will use the belt to get one step closer to the World Championship. That makes some of us die-hard X-Division fans sigh as it means the X-Division Championship is still practically meaningless. Nevertheless... I found it interesting that the commentators mentioned several times that Bennett will have to make it to Destination X with the title. Will he be able to?


Even though we had to sit through another Jeff vs. Matt match, almost everything on this week's Impact still felt fresh. Which is great! I think that trend will continue into next week as Sienna defends the Knockouts Championship against Gail Kim, plus we see the three-way dance for the World Title.

What did you think of this week's Impact? What was your favorite moment and why? Sound off below!

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