15 June 2016

TrailBlazin' Top 5 - Jun 14, 2016

Hello everyone, and welcome to the debut edition of TrailBlazin' Top 5! In this new weekly series, I will dissect Impact Wrestling by listing my top five moments, matches, and more. Let's get started shall we?

#5 - EC3 sets his eyes on the prize

Ethan Carter III has to be my favorite character on Impact. Whether it's in the ring or on the mic, EC3 radiates charisma and steals the show more often than not. His recent feud with Mike Bennett has been great, but it's time to move on to bigger and better things. Following his needed win over The Miracle, EC3 now has his eyes set on the prize - the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. The execution of EC3 interrupting Lashley at the start of Impact was the right way to go as we begin post-Slammiversary storylines.

The Meccanites have been hoping for an EC3/Lashley feud and it appears that may be coming to fruition sooner than later. Babyface EC3 is on fire and there's no better way to use him than putting him back in the World Title picture. Drew Galloway obviously isn't finished with his chase either. With that being said, a number one contenders match between Carter and Galloway is probably imminent. The storytelling in both EC3's opening promo and backstage segments with Galloway and Lashley helped ensure his spot in this week's Top 5.

#4 - Jade attacks Marti Bell

Marti Bell had yet to interest me with anything that she did until this week's Impact when she was interviewed by Jeremy Borash. Right away, Marti was fiery and passionate while discussing the Dollhouse and Jade leaving them for gold. That instantly reminded me of The Shield storyline in WWE where Seth Rollins "sold out" and destroyed their faction to seek bigger and better things.

It was a great promo and things picked up when Jade interrupted. The brawl that ensued had me on the edge of my seat like, "tell me she did not just do that!" A match between the two is inevitable, and it's likely we could see a few. The only thing I would possibly change is the fact that the Knockouts Title isn't involved. Speaking of which, where was Sienna last night?

#3 - Lashley & Galloway go at it again

To be honest, I kind of groaned when Galloway announced he was invoking his rematch. Personally, I wanted to see Drew wait because we just paid $40-$50 to see these two duke it out at Slammiversary. Of course, this was also while the technical difficulties were happening and I was already in a negative mindset. The main event rolls around and I'm reminded why I should be excited. Lashley and Galloway have great, hard-hitting chemistry that is so fun to watch. I didn't think this was as great as their pay-per-view encounter, but it sure was match of the night. The storytelling towards the end with EC3 getting involved was a nice touch too.

#2 - Gail Kim announced as 2016 TNA Hall of Fame inductee

Before Jeff Jarrett made his shocking return last year, I was confident that Gail Kim would be inducted soon since TNA had put in two top singles stars and a tag team. Jarrett goes in, followed by referee Earl Hebner last fall... It's time for a Knockout. And there's no one on that roster who deserves it more. The emotion Gail displayed when Dixie made the announcement made me think that she didn't even know ahead of time, which made it even more special. TNA put together a lovely video package on the legendary Knockout. Even after all the technical issues on PopTV's end, I couldn't help but smile and feel good about this segment.

#1 - Dixie Carter & Maria meet face-to-face

This segment wins 'surprise of the night' for me, which is why I ranked it at the top.

I had this feeling that it would be good after Maria convinced Mike to go to the ring to air their grievances. The dynamic duo was soon interrupted by Billy Corgan, who was sporting shades and came off like a non-human, if that makes sense. Anyways, Dixie Carter soon comes out and that's when things get really interesting.

Dixie saying that this is a wrestling show made me want to stand up and applaud her. Exactly! Cut the talking - even though it's entertaining- and settle it in the ring six-sided circle! Maria didn't care what Dixie had to say, but she had every intention of making fans go slack-jawed when she called Dixie the problem.


This not-so-live Gold Rush edition of Impact was decent overall. We saw stories close (X-Division Title, maybe?), stories continue (The Hardy Boys), and new stories begin (EC3/Lashley, Maria/Dixie). With that said, I'm looking forward to what lies ahead for the summer before we begin the road to Bound For Glory.

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