09 June 2016

Slammiversary: I'm In!

This year so far has been a different than normal experience for me in regards to viewing Impact.  As I've explained before, I do not have PopTV on my cable lineup so I've been watching the show online, usually days later.  Even with that annoying challenge, I've still seen every Impact episode in 2016 and, like many others, witnessed some aspects of TNA's flagship program being great and also some segments being less than desirable.  There have been a lot of roster changes and an evolution of which wrestlers are featured and which are not.  Most of us have not been thrilled about TNA's extended Impact Zone residency (besides those of you that can feasibly attend the tapings in person in Orlando).  Initially I was very disappointed that Slammiversary was announced to be held at the IZ again.  That was nearly a legitimate deal breaker for me and I had previously written that it would indeed be just that unless the actual card lineup was "must see".  I admit that I am not totally enamored with every scheduled match, but my gut is telling me to order this show.  So, after letting the on-screen product play out for the past several months, the pros of buying Slammiversary have outweighed the cons for me and I have decided to join you in watching this Pay-Per-View LIVE!

Honestly, I only decided that I was going to watch Slammiversary less than a week ago.  In the past, I would just pencil in buying both of the 2 "Big PPV's" that TNA holds each year as they are so few and far between.  This time, however, things just felt different to me.  I needed more convincing than normal.  The fact that Shera and he who shall not be named are still getting significant screen time has been disappointing to see.  The KnockOuts Division had been somewhat lackluster until recently, but that appears to be remedied as they are regaining momentum.  The X-Division being misused and underutilized so badly; it has basically been an absolute joke for most of the year.  I'm glad they added the 4-way X-Division title match to the PPV card but it kinda seems like an afterthought.  The KOTM Title primarily served as an ornament around the waist of Eric Young, who rarely defended it in 2016.  Bram's recent KOTM title run was forgettable and short lived.  There is also a serious lack of tag teams in TNA.  Those are some examples of things that placed doubt in my mind and bothered me enough to cause me to almost not purchase the show.

Obviously there are a lot of positives right now with TNA too.  Drew Galloway feuding with Lashley has been fantastic.  They are putting a unique twist on the World Title bout at Slammiversary, giving it more of a legit fight vibe with the "win only by knockout or tapout" stipulation.  This type of contest holds more weight due to Lashley having an all-time MMA record of 14-2 while currently being undefeated in Bellator.  Eli Drake has a real chance to elevate the KOTM belt and make it into something much more meaningful.  Jade vs Sienna for the KnockOuts Title should be high quality.  I do wish that Decay had different tag team opponents to work with other than the BroMans.  Not that it's a bad match-up, it just doesn't scream "must see" to me.  The EC3 vs Bennett match will be absolutely wonderful.   Hardy vs Hardy should provide some very memorable moments and the build up has gotten people talking.  I don't think that Maria will end up competing against Gail at Slammy but that's not a bad thing as she's not that effective in the ring anyway.  Who will be her potential replacement?  There are a lot of different things to look forward to on Sunday and that's what made me buy the damn thing in the end.  I have no problem paying money for something that I believe in, but until they start holding these "Big Pay-Per-Views" outside of the Impact Zone again, I will continue to be cautious and practical.  So tell me, what sold Slammiversary for you?  Or, on the other end of the spectrum, why are you not going to watch Slammiversary as it happens LIVE?   

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