15 May 2016

Beautiful Hive Minds

A couple of weeks ago, Impact featured some defining moments for Abyss, Crazzy Steve and Decay as a whole.  Crazzy Steve finally spoke for the first time ever in TNA.  Abyss removed his mask and donned face paint for the first time ever in his career.  Abyss and Steve embraced the changes that were necessary in order for Decay to transform into something even better.  Both men owe these positive character evolutions to the lovely and maniacal Rosemary.  This devilish vixen is bringing out the very best in them for sure.  It is evident to me that Abyss looks so much happier and more fully engaged on screen since Decay was formed.  This is a different Abyss than the one we've seen in recent years.  Now, with his improved look and a renewed energy he exudes personal liberation and is really sinking his teeth into this current role.  The intense dynamic between Crazzy Steve, Rosemary and Abyss is very captivating and comes across in a highly effective manner on TV.  This is exactly why they are getting a big push; the in house crowds and the at home audience simply all enjoy their work.  Their Marilyn Manson theme song is a perfect fit for them.  The Death Dealers chemistry and interaction with each other seems so natural that you would swear that they have been together for several years.  In reality they have not even been together for a full 4 months yet.  Their madness is really just getting started.  This macabre threesome shares a collective intelligence.  Rosemary constantly tweets about this, describing them as having a "hive mind".  In this hive, she definitely is the queen bee and her two drone bees adore her immensely.  They live to do her bidding.  However, at the same time they fuse together as equals.  All these factors added up together explain why this group will indeed have longevity. 

For the past 5 years or so, it has not been a popular sentiment to speak highly of Abyss.  I usually do not let popular opinion influence my thoughts on things and I'm glad that I have been able to maintain my level of respect and admiration for Chris Parks, despite the commonplace dismissive attitudes that have been expressed time and time again from a majority of TNA fans.  Now, seemingly a lot of fans have changed their tune and speak more highly of Abyss since Decay has experienced success.  If you look in the catacombs of TNAMecca you will find that I previously wrote a series of columns labeled "Into The Abyss".  It is well established that I have been a diehard fan of his wrestling career.  Granted, the progress of Abyss has experienced some stalling periods over the years. But now this TNA Original is invigorated again.  He has ditched the mask and exclaimed to the world that he is BEAUTIFUL!  The beauty he speaks of is internal and external.  Maybe we should all follow The Monster's lead to also free ourselves?  Many of us hide behind the anonymity of the Internet with avatars of our favorite wrestlers and other images. I have recently shown my real face on my Twitter account and my Disqus avatar and I also now feel BEAUTIFUL!  I challenge all of you to also show your real identity.  Obviously, nobody is forcing you to do this and I don't expect everyone to do so, but I think it would be nice for a change.  It could be therapeutic and it also might create some social comfort to know that you're interacting with a real person instead of some random avatar picture.  It's something to really think about doing, but of course there is no pressure. 

Crazzy Steve being allowed to speak should add a whole different dimension to his persona.  The honking of his horn as a means of communication was amusing for a while when he first debuted with The Menagerie, but I figured that someday Steve would actually need to use his real voice.  So far he has been more than adequate on the mic and I really dig it when the all 3 members of Decay speak during the same segment.  With the old look that Steve had, you couldn't really tell what he looked like.  He is actually a much better looking guy than I expected now that we have been allowed to see what was underneath the rubber nose.  Is it weird that I find it kind of sexy when he and Rosemary are affectionate with each other?  Maybe that makes me somewhat demented but their mannerisms and little idiosyncrasies with each other keep me glued to the screen.  Steve has welcomed the tweaking of his character and honestly, he has improved more than most of the TNA roster so far in 2016.  He's also better in the ring than he gets credit for and he is more than deserving of being a tag team champion.  The best of Crazzy Steve is yet to come.

As I have expressed previously, Rosemary is the puppet master of this group.  She is mostly responsible for the revival of the careers of both Crazzy Steve and Abyss.  I can't even think of another female character that I have become this obsessed with in the history of TNA.  It's difficult to pinpoint exactly why, but I absolutely want to see her on my screen as much as possible.  She has become quite the fan favorite in a short amount of time.  This woman is the unsung hero of Impact Wrestling so far in 2016.  Rosemary has had only one singles match on Impact and it made quite the impression on fans as she went toe to toe with Gail Kim and got the victory with an F-5 finisher.  That match was just a little tease of what she will bring to the KnockOuts Division in the future.  In my opinion she is already the best female on the mic in TNA and that includes Maria.  This company has a true star on their hands here, and as long as she is booked correctly moving forward, her momentum should continue on for an extended period of time.  She has the potential to be a pillar of the KnockOuts Division as her ceiling is very high.  I've seen multiple fans express on social media and here at TNAMecca that Decay is the best thing in TNA today and I actually agree with that.  I've enjoyed them tremendously and Rosemary has been the driving force behind their success.  I cannot say enough good things about the Tag Team Champion Death Dealers.  Now give them some quality tag teams to have matches against.  Long live decay...Decay...DECAY!!!   

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