01 May 2016

A Kingdom of Miracles?

The heavily featured power couple of Mike and Maria have been an excellent fit in TNA so far.  Mike Bennett has surprised everyone with his promo abilities.  Bennett also just shocked the world by giving Ethan Cater III his first ever pin fall loss, which should now shoot him up near the top of the pecking order.  To those that may not have been as familiar with his work prior to TNA, it's fair to say that he has proven his in-ring skills to be very solid.  Mike obviously "has it going on" because he managed to marry the beautiful, charismatic Maria.  In Impact Wrestling, she has complimented him very well without overshadowing and without her needing to be his mouthpiece.  Yes, Maria is going to do her best work on the mic as her wrestling capabilities are not up to par with most of the other TNA women.  However, she has taken control of the KnockOuts in an on-screen leadership role and is doing a good job so far with that.  She doesn't need to be a mat technician in order to be effective.  M & M have taken Impact by storm and things are just getting started.  Let's keep in mind, they are here to provide you with a miracle.  After observing their first few months in the company, if you were to ask me if I believe in The Miracle, the answer would be a resounding, "YES...I...DO!".

I brought the following subject up a few weeks ago in the comment section in order to get an informal poll going regarding how fans would feel about ROH and TNA possibly having some kind of possible talent exchange.  It seemed that most fans would be lukewarm to it or opposed completely.  However, I think it could still benefit TNA if they continued to pick up quality wrestlers from Ring of Honor that would add value to the Impact roster.  Will anyone else from ROH eventually follow The Miracle to TNA?  Matt Taven seemed interested at one point as he was quoted in March as saying, "The only thing Mike’s ever needed was an opportunity, and he and Maria are making the most of it. I text him all the time when the show airs, and he’s loving it, so I couldn’t be happier for him. We had thought about bringing The Kingdom to TNA, so who knows about the future,”.   Taven may have been serious at the time or he may have been posturing, but in April a story on ROH's website was posted with him discussing a possible formation of a new version of The Kingdom in ROH.  So he is off the table for now.  The consensus is that Adam Cole is a long shot to ever come to TNA.  So any kind of reformation of the ROH version of The Kingdom with those two guys coming to Impact Wrestling is very unlikely at this point in time.    However, we still see Mike and Maria continuously displaying The Kingdom's sign with their hands in the air.  They have uttered the phrase "building a kingdom of miracles" at least a couple of times previously on Impact.  I really wonder if TNA was leaning that direction at some point earlier in the year to try and bring in Taven and Cole?  Maybe some day in the future that will all be reexamined. 

What would you imagine that the long term plans may actually be for Mike and Maria?  Would they possibly add a couple of new, young talents in order to form a Kingdom-like group?  Is there anyone currently on the Impact roster (recently signed or otherwise) or any free agents that you could see being a good fit?  Or would you rather see M & M stay on their own?  Mike obviously wants to be TNA World Heavyweight Champion.  Bennett is positioning himself as a fixture in that World Title scene while Maria is in control of the KnockOuts Division for the foreseeable future.    I admit that I was kind of apathetic to the signing of Mike and Maria when they debuted in January.  They have definitely proven me and many others wrong.  At this point, is anyone out there still frowning on them being in TNA?  I don't think so but tell me if I'm wrong.  I see this duo staying in TNA for many years to come. 

Lastly, I just want to address something I've seen as of late here at TNAMecca.  We, as columnists and you as commenters, have all criticized TNA at times mainly because we care a lot about the product and feel invested in it.  Honestly, most of he time, the criticism has been justified.  The collective wish for TNA fans of various opinions, whether you are frustrated with the company or instead are overall satisfied with the current direction of things (or somewhere in between), should be for the company to succeed and rebuild.  I still believe that TNA will continue to prove their harshest critics wrong.  They will proceed with developing and fostering this currently young roster. They are adding in quality independent talents such as Caleb Konley, Cherry Bomb, Sienna and more.  I'm happy with the current vibe and feel of Impact minus a couple of exceptions.  I just chose to not let those few roster members that I personally don't enjoy bother me to the point where it ruins the overall product and my viewing enjoyment.  High caliber performers like Mike and Maria provide hope that a better day for TNA is coming.  They and others are going to help TNA rebound.  So I ask you, do you believe in The Miracle?

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