10 April 2016

Unleash Rosemary!

Rosemary's introduction to the TNA audience has been excellently executed, to say the least.  After observing Decay for a few months now, it is clear that she really makes this threesome as successful as it is.  The elements of sheer intensity and seductive allure that she brings to the table totally enhance everything that Crazzy Steve and Abyss do.  Her character fascinates me and I am definitely not alone on that.  I have seen very few fans and critics express a negative opinion towards Decay and especially Rosemary.  Would Impact viewers be as enthused for this group if Rosemary had never been included?  While the tag team of Abyss and Crazzy Steve has proven to be surprisingly over, Rosemary is the straw that stirs the drink here.  She has quickly become my favorite KnockOut and that's without even competing in a singles match on Impact yet.  Her success so far in 2016 should serve as a blueprint for TNA management to round out their active roster.  Please go find more of these kind of "hidden gems" out there on the independent scene.  You hit the nail on the head in signing Rosemary.  People love her and they hope she is here to stay for many years.  Surely there are other pro wrestlers out there that could be brought in to the company that would be similarly as effective as this lovely addition has been. 

Now, as much as I have admired the initial usage of Rosemary in TNA, her role does need to evolve and expand so that she can also help with improving a reshuffling KnockOuts Division.  Taking into account certain recent talent departures, there has not really been another dominant female wrestler that has forced her will on the other female competitors.  Rosemary can fill that role.  Jade is an extremely skilled wrestler and I really appreciate and respect her work.  I am thrilled that Jade is the current KnockOuts Champion.  However, Jade is not a great talker and her persona is not nearly as captivating as the creepily charming Rosemary.  Eventually, if the lady of Decay continues to show this well, she just might begin to eye another shiny toy for herself.  She really likes shiny toys after all.  Tag team gold is first on Decay's agenda but that almost seems like a certainty now that Beer Money will soon disband and Davey Richards remains on the shelf.  It appears that Crazzy Steve and Abyss should be collecting those golden treasures soon.  Those belts are precious items to Rosemary and keeping her satisfied is wise.  You don't want to see her angry...or do we?

There is a previously established feud with Cherry Bomb (or Allie as that appears to be her name in TNA) that almost certainly will be continued in Impact Wrestling at some point.  This rivalry has been discussed thoroughly here in the TNAMecca comment sections.  These two have a vendetta against each other that should be displayed as a natural extension of their indy work (you can easily find many of their matches and promos on YouTube if you aren't familiar with their history; just search Courtney Rush vs Cherry Bomb).  Would Cherry Bomb have even been contracted with TNA without the prior signing of Rosemary?  I'm not so sure.  If this Cherry Bomb vs Rosemary program is indeed featured prominently in TNA, and it would be asinine not to, the company absolutely needs to take advantage of touring Canada.  This potential tour could be very successful, especially if they were to establish some type of working agreement with Smash Wrestling to co-promote the events, with this particular feud being heavily advertised.  There was a Fight Network global content partnership announced last month and there are several Canadian roster members in TNA.  You'd think they would dip their toe back into that market sooner than later.  I would hope that touring Canada would at least be a prioritized goal for the future. 

Her uniqueness, in-ring abilities and overall appeal make Rosemary a strong candidate to become KnockOuts Champion later in 2016.  I personally think TNA management should push Rosemary hard and let the world-wide audience see all that she has to offer.  She definitely has what it takes to be a champion and there's so much they can do with her.  Much of the potential longevity of Decay will depend on the sustainability of Rosemary's character, and things are looking very promising at the moment.  Imagine if in the future Decay holds the tag titles at the same time that Rosemary is also KnockOuts Champion.  If somehow Billy Corgan could get Marilyn Manson to do a live performance of Decay's theme song at one of their PPV's this whole thing could blow up in a major way.  Now, that may all sound somewhat like fanboy talk, but is it really that outrageous to ponder those possibilities?  Rosemary is the driving force of Decay.  She deserves the spotlight.  Her story needs to be told and fans want to continue to see her on their screens frequently.  That's right, we want TNA to unleash rosemary...Rosemary...ROSEMARY!!! 

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