04 March 2016

TNA Randomania - Mar 4, 2016

- A report surfaced this week that Dixie Carter is actively seeking investors who can buy into the company as part of TNA's 5-year growth plan. I read the report very carefully and what struck me the most was Dixie Carter's vision of where TNA will be in five years, or rather should be. I respect her desire and determination to grow the company and I fully support her if this is part of a long term strategic plan that involves the continuation of many of the creative policies that are currently in place, as well as the focus on fresh young talent and not on former WWE superstars who are overpriced and/or past their prime. I say this, of course, without knowing all the details of this particular venture but with the knowledge of past attempts to grow the company by Dixie Carter. As we now know, at least one of them did not work out as well as we hoped, and the company, I strongly believe, is still feeling the aftereffects to this day. I'm talking about the hiring of Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff, which led to massive systemic changes that ultimately stripped the company of its identity, as well as its ability to be a true alternative to the WWE. So when I read about Dixie Carter's vision of TNA and how it could potentially become "a player" with the addition of outside investors, I can't help but feel a little uneasy. And perhaps a little déjà vu.

- Although a couple of wrestling sites have reported that TNA will be returning to Universal Studios in Orlando for Impact and One Night Only tapings on March 15th (reportedly a live show) through the 19th or 20th, we've not gotten an official announcement from TNA.  We are now less than two weeks from the March 15th return so it's certainly an unusual situation. I'm not sure what could be keeping TNA from announcing the tapings but I do hope that whatever it is, it can and will be resolved soon.

- I've been a bit critical of TNA lately due to the fact that the wrestling on Impact has been less than stellar this year. Although it's been improving of late, I feel that the company can and should do more to feature better wrestling. Whether it'd be a change in booking philosophy or the process in which they scout, recruit, and sign potential wrestlers, it's important to implement a game plan that delivers a competitive or superior wrestling product at a time when wrestling is the primary focus for many of TNA's competitors. 

- I must, however, commend TNA's creative and writing team on what I feel is currently the best storytelling in pro wrestling. No promotion can match TNA's ability to tell a long term story with complex (and perfectly flawed) characters and do so under not so ideal circumstances. They've switched networks twice in two years, they've restructured every aspect of the company in the last two years including financially and creatively, they've dealt with numerous roster changes, yet through it all, they've somehow managed to keep a level of continuity in their storytelling and character development. It's extraordinary if you think about it. A perfect example of this was the Rockstar Spud revenge plot on Ethan Carter III last week, a plot that was a year in the making. A year. One entire year. In an industry that treats its years like dog years on amnesia, TNA continues to churn out feuds and stories that effectively use the past to write the future. It's an impressive feat and one that deserves to be recognized. TNA may not feature the best wrestling on TV right now but no other promotion, including the WWE and its multitude of Hollywood writers, can touch TNA in the areas of storytelling, character development, and long term continuity.

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