05 February 2016

Mike and Maria in Dixieland

Before Mike Bennett and Maria came to TNA people couldn't decide if they would be the right fit for the company's current direction. In ROH/NJPW, Mike and Maria were significant parts of the faction, The Kingdom. Current ROH talents, Adam Cole and Matt Taven were also members of this group. Within the group Mike and Matt worked as a tag team with Maria as their personal manager. Part of the reason why people were undecided if Mike Bennett would fit in TNA was because his prominent and most successful role in ROH was as a tag team wrestler. With his previous employer it seemed like Mike never really got enough time to prove himself as a worthy singles wrestler. The popular consensus was that Mike needed to work in a team because he was not entertaining enough on his own. Ironically, in one episode all of those opinions were thrown out the window because Mike and Maria would prove them wrong seemingly effortlessly.

Days prior to TNA’s Pop TV debut, TNA began to play vignettes on their Youtube channel for “The Miracle”. The rumor mill began to swirl into confusion as to who this “Miracle” could be. Although controversial and well done, the vignettes gave us no distinct clues to help us out. For the most part people believed that it could end up being Mike and Maria because they were the main wrestlers rumored to be coming to TNA at the time. On January 5th, the TNA fans would get the answer to their question. As the lights went out and Maria appeared to give her introduction for herself and “The Miracle” Mike Bennett, fans were instantly astonished. The way these two presented themselves made it seem as if they owned the place. The debut was broadcast to perfection on TV and to make it that much better, Mike more than delivered with his promo. In that one night Mike Bennett shut up every doubter by proving he has the potential to be a top star. As weeks have progressed we have seen Mike in two matches being accompanied by his stunning wife, Maria. The first being at the Live ONO PPV against Robbie E and the other being against Pepper Parks on Impact two weeks after his debut. Although we need to see more of his in ring work within the six sided ring, Mike has done a good job showing that he is a solid wrestler. Furthermore, it already appears as if Mike and Maria are trying to stir up some trouble with the current #1 contender for the TNA World Heavyweight championship, Drew Galloway. I personally feel with time Mike will only become better and more impressive in TNA.

I was excited as soon as I heard there was even a possibility that Mike and Maria could be coming to TNA. I think Mike has future star written all over him and Maria adds to his value, plus both are really entertaining on the mic. As time progresses these two will only become a bigger part of TNA and I am all for it. With time Mike will win fans over and he will make it known that he is future TNA World Heavyweight Champion material. Maria adds a valet to the TNA roster, which seems to be a rare aspect in wrestling these days. In the future, I think Maria should try to get more people to help build up her and her husband's Kingdom in TNA. In closing, I have something that I want to ask every TNA fan….Do you Believe In Miracles? Because I DO!

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