07 February 2016

It's Not the Size of the Roster that Matters, It's How You Use It

Disclaimer: This is not a mirage, this is real, this is now, Musings from Will is back Baybee!!!!! (Thank you 2007 Chris Jericho for this) For those that don't know how these things go, it's real simple. In the disclaimer, I will go over all the subjects I shall be going over before going over them in greater detail in the column itself. In this column: I will be talking about the size of the TNA Roster and why bringing in more talent isn't that necessary, I will be talking about heel Matt Hardy and babyface Ethan Carter the Third, I will be covering TNA's "OMEGA Kliq" and I will throw in some other thoughts on TNA since they started on POP and since I started re-watching TNA again on that fateful January 5th Evening.

The TNA Roster Size Wise is Fine, They Just Need to Allocate It Correctly

      I read way too often that TNA needs to sign more people to the roster and I just shake my head. Having a roster way too big was one of the biggest issues TNA had ever dealt with (and it was a problem for like 6 years) as at one point I think they had 70 wrestlers on the roster for a two hour show!!!!!!!. Right now the roster sits in between 30 and 40 (I am including both male and female talent) wrestlers on the roster which is a good number for a two hour program. You have your main eventers in EC3, Lashley, Angle (Till March), Roode, Storm and The Hardys. You have the upper card featuring Galloway, The Wolves, Drake, Mike Bennett, Bram, EY and a decent undercard with Trevor Lee, The Knockouts, DJ Z, Gooderz, Robbie E, Tyrus, Mandrews, Spud etc. TNA doesn't need to add more talents, they just need to splice in some fresh blood when someone leaves (See Angle, Kurt) or gets fired for attacking a co-worker (See Awesome Kong). With Angle leaving, that's when you bring in a guy like Adam Cole or a Jimmy Havoc. Kong is gone so you replace her with two Knockouts (See two Knockouts put together equal one Awesome Kong, funny right). However TNA needs to avoid bringing people in just for the sake of it because someone else whose established will get pushed aside or the new talent will come in and then fade into the background quickly because other talents need TV time. (Remember the mass exodus of talent in 2013 gave EC3 the chance to get consistent TV time to establish himself)

      If you keep a core roster of main guys (The Wolves, EC3, Galloway, Bennett, the Hardys, Gail Kim, Jade, The Miracle (Maria), Drake, Beer Money, Lashley, Bram, EY and EC3 w/Spud) and keep rotating the veterans in and out with some fresh blood, you don't have to increase the size of the roster to create a fresh roster. (Hell you can throw in Aiden O'Shea, Pepper Parks, Norv Fernum and a guy like Shynron as the resident jobbers who are only there to make others looks good) What that also does is insure that everyone on the roster has a purpose, everyone on the roster has something to do and simply put everyone on the show matters. (As opposed to wwe where like 10 guys matter and everyone else is stuck in 50/50 booking hell where they don't matter at all.)

Two TNA Wrongs Somehow Made a Right

    I am not going to sugarcoat it because that's not who I am, it was incredibly stupid to book Matt Hardy as a heel world champion while EC3 has to make a babyface character work when heel EC3 as world champion was glorious enough as it is (Throw in EC3 re-uniting with Spud and Tyrus being fired and you have my freaking TNA Utopia). However TNA decided EC3 needs to be a babyface and Matt Hardy was the guy who had been chosen to get EC3 over as a babyface and gosh dang it they are doing their best to make this work. Matt's heel act works really well with his wife being the bitch in his ear psyching Matt up to do such dastardly (that is the SAT word for evil by the way) things to EC3 (Twist of Fate with EC3's neck wrapped around a steel chair was the craziest fucking spot I have seen in years), Jeff Hardy and others for the sake of his career and his legacy (HE IS ICONIC). Hell, Matt's "heel" twitter where he trolls the marks and smarks has been hilarious as well. Matt took out EC3 and then referenced Walter White, he watched without a care in the world when EY and Bram tried to MurderDeathKill his brother Jeff and he put a damper on Kurt Angle's retirement tour. Plus he made Tyrus a glorified babysitter which is really funny too.

    Meanwhile EC3 went dark after he was destroyed by the ICONIC Matt Hardy for about two weeks. In that time, the crowd in Pennsylvania made numerous and thunderous chants for "The Hardcore American Icon" EC3 which shows that the best villain in wrestling for two and a half years now has the crowd on his side. He then cut a promo last week after a buildup throughout the show that even though I wish was handled differently, it seemed to have worked as its getting near unanimous praise by TNA fans and people who actually are willing to give TNA a chance and not bash them every chance they get as a great first babyface promo. (That video apparently played before he appeared on the UK Tour to thunderous ovations at each location)

      Matt Hardy is getting good heel heat, EC3 is getting great babyface heat and when you put that together you have a feud that works even though it never should've happened in the first place.

The "OMEGA Kliq" Is Running Wild In TNA

     I keep reading that the Hardys are basically running things in TNA and how that's a bad thing. 3 weeks ago when Matt beat EC3, became world champion, turned heel and became the centerpiece of the show I would've agreed with you. Except since then Matt has done good as a heel to at least justify the thing and getting legit heel heat, EC3 has done good as a babyface getting great babyface heat (The HHH/Reigns feud wishes it can get this kind of reaction from fans), the tag team division has been rebuilt virtually overnight with 5 teams in the division, a super talented Trevor Lee (Whose finisher is just crazy) is X-Division champion with Shane Helms as his mouthpiece and TNA has brought back valets for talent who aren't the best on the mic: See Reby w/Matt, The Miracle w/Mike Bennett, Raquel w/Lashley (okay this one needs work but as Meat Loaf says 2 out of 3 ain't bad). Matt, Jeff and Shane never were ones to play politics or put themselves over at the expense of others (If not for wwe's epic screw-up, Jeff Hardy made CM Punk a wwe main eventer for life before leaving in 2009 even though Punk was very likely a royal prick to him behind the scenes) so I do have faith this can work as so far things have run smoothly and the spoilers I have seen for the UK Tour don't suggest otherwise.

Random Musings From Recent Impact Shows:

- Josh Matthews is really annoying on commentary with his verbiage and with the voices he makes. Just call the freaking show as is without trying to Matt Striker it up. He is almost making me wish Tenay was back at the desk calling the show even though Tenay sounds like he couldn't care less and I loathe Mike Tenay's commentary. Seriously why is wrestling commentary so bad these days???

- The Pope needs to return to the ring and let Mr. Anderson replace him on commentary. Pope can add more to the product as an active performer and at this point Anderson not wrestling is addition by subtraction.

- Crazzy Steve owes his career revitalization to Rosemary and that Marilyn Manson "Nobodies" song. He went from no name jobber to one of the most favorite acts on Impact and one of the most over acts TNA had on the TNA Tour. Seriously Zombie Harley Quinn is the best thing not named EC3 on Impact.

- I don't watch the Indies and I don't watch ROH so I completely forgot how unbelievably gorgeous Maria was and I am absolutely flabbergasted as to how good she is on the mic. Probably the best contribution to pro wrestling the wwe Divas Search ever made.

- Mike Bennett is the most babyest babyface to ever babyface TNA on Twitter. Dude has been white knighting TNA to levels I haven't seen in awhile. If Adam Cole comes to TNA, Bennett is the reason why.

- wwe is trimming some of the fat on their developmental NXT roster ie. not the indy legends they rounded up to make the internet like HHH. TNA should research the wrestlers cut long and hard and see if they can find the next EC3 or Bram. Ready made talent they can mold into their own star is something TNA should do more of.

- When Drew Galloway turns heel (because you can't be this shameful ass kissing babyface he has been for that long without turning heel) and let's out some aggression, his feud with babyface world champion EC3 will carry TNA this Summer and maybe actually main event Bound For Glory this year.

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